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Massdrop Staff Picks: Meet Kaz

To help you get to know the people behind our Staff Picks collection, we asked each team member a little about themselves, how they got interested in their favorite community, and what else they’re doing these days. Read the Q&A, check out their picks, and use the comment section to ask questions or just say hello.

Meet Kaz, who’s all about the Hobby Shop Community.

Q: What do you do at Massdrop? A: While the specifics of the day-to-day vary greatly, the work of a ‘designer’ at Massdrop can be broken down into three areas of focus; the web and mobile experience, packaging and custom products, and marketing assets. Within those three areas of focus a majority of my time is spent working with different teams solving problems by taking concept and ideas and turning them into executable layouts, designs, or illustrations.
Q: What do you like most about working at Massdrop?
A: I have been asked this question many times over the past two years at Massdrop and it’s never been easy to answer. Massdrop has been a great place to work for many reason, so it’s incredibly difficult to pick a favorite. But one things that I can say that has kept me excited about coming in day after day is the community and my co-workers; everyone here is passionate about not only the communities they are involved in but also work incredibly hard to make Massdrop a destination where people can easily join, find things they are passionate about, and connect with people that understand them.
Q: How did you get into hobby shop?
A: For me Hobby Shop was a natural fit. When I was much younger many of my days were filled playing board games and Magic the Gathering with friends or building Gundam models in my fathers workshop as he was tinkering away on something. So finding a one-stop-shop for both of those things and much more just made sense.
Q: What are some of your favorite products in that community?
A: · REP Gaming Deck Box: Genuinely a great deck box in a bunch of cool color ways and the full metal locking mechanism is just way to satisfying to open and close. · Cards Against Humanity: I mean come on... who hasn't had a night full of laughs with friends playing this game. An absolute must have! · Magic the Gathering: Eternal Masters: Just all around one of the best and most fun sets to play. Period.
Q: What are some of your other hobbies/interests?
A: This world has so many great things to try! A better questions might be what am I not interested in or what aren’t my hobbies? I think those lists might be shorter. But if I had to pick a few things that I have been more focused on recently, I would have to choose: biking - I’m looking to build a new bike, tennis - trying to pick up a new sport, and watches - slowly building up my collection and learning more and more about the history and the mechanisms.

Check out Kaz’s picks: MDG Flame-Treated Polyhedral Set
Dog Might White Ash Adventure Case
Mega Nanodots 30 Count (2-Pack)
Dog Might Fiery Moss Dice Tower

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Might be cool to see Nanodots next to some tops, spinners, toothpick crossbows, fidget cubes and dice.
Hey Kaz!!! Let's connect, I'd love to see pictures of Mega Nanodots inside a Dog Might White Ash Adventure case. Might even be cool to see Mega Nanodots next to some of those beautiful MDG dice 😍