Mar 12, 201968 views

Why do we never see speakers in Audiophile drops?

Seems like that section is dominated by headphones and amps. Would be nice to see some good studio monitors there once in a while.
Napi, NickMcPimpson2, and 5 others

You will see Sierra Acoustics from time to time, as well as some Pioneer Andrew Jones/Elite stuff. Chane also occasionally makes an appearance. The Yamaha's used to make a regular appearance as did the JBLbefore and after collaboration. The headphone stuff just seem to sell better in this community. I'm also a stickler for buying gear like that from Authorized Sellers only. Many of the headphone users aren't that experienced and are fairly new to enthusiast level gear.
Hello, completely agree, I listen to many hours in headphones but you need some hifi monitors. Thank you
I think it is easier to hide that you've overbought ear phones than speakers:)
Have more than one complete surround sets and 31 pairs of headphones/iems... I can't hide any of it at this point :)