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Best Set of General, All-Use Headphones?

Looking for some headphones that sound decent (not looking for near perfect audio quality, just decent sounding), look nice (looking to use these in public, not just for studio setting), and have a relatively reasonable price. Any suggestions? EDIT: Not trying to bust the bank, try to keep it under $125

Try the Sennheiser HD 569 as they're down to a good price new ATM: If you want a good budget open back, the HD 559 is also solid: If you don't mind buying used/refurb, there are some higher versions of these cans still in your budget. Also should note, despite being single entry at the cups, these Senn's are internally wired to support balanced cabling. I have this setup on my HD 579 and it's worked well for almost a year now.
Thank you, perfect suggestions for my price range.
Also, if you're not in an immediate need and can wait till the holidays, a lot of the higher models go on sale around the same time every year. I picked up my 579's for $99 and I've seen the 598/599 dip very close to your budget as well. Just a heads up.
I'd suggest taking a look at the Sennheiser HD1 over-ear. They fit your use case nicely. They sound very good, have a cool retro look, are closed back with decent isolation, and can be found for under $200. The wireless version costs a bit more more, but adds a decent active noise cancelation feature as well, if that's of interest.
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That's pretty much all I've got any experience with, and could vouch for. The AudioTechnica M40x would be a similar range, and many people like them, but I've never heard them. I will say that if I was choosing between them, I'd go with the Beyers. They have the better sound quality and, while Sennheiser has consistently good build quality, Beyer generally edges them out. Overall, though, I'd say you couldn't go wrong with any of those three, and you'd be safe to make your choice based on whichever most suits your style.
Thank you for everything kind sir.
For about $200. the Gradoo 225's are awfully good
dt 770 80 ohm , takstar pro 80 or 82 , personally I would go for 82 better sounding and more comfortable, ath m40x, status audio cb 1, 1more triple river over ears. these are all great options at reasonable prices for use outside
For two hundred bucks you can't beat the Massdrop Sennheiser 6xx. It's not the perfect headphone but it's near there, and for $200 it's an outright steal. Comfortable, very musical, great bass, great build, non-fatiguing, you can't go wrong.
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takstar pro 82, ATH m40x's, status audio cb 1's are all great low profile great sounding heaphones. m40 I would only reccomend if you are willing to upgrade the pads as they are pretty uncofortable. the cb-1's have concerning build quality. the takstars are the most well rounded ones sound great and are super comfy. I use sennheiser hd 4.40 bt but they are partial on ear as the pad opening aren't that big and they also sound great just uncomfortable for longer listening sessions.
Then take a look at the Audeze Sine, a portable, smallish over the ear planar magnetic headphone. A bit more money than the Sennheisers but they are closed back, small, portable and are pretty decent sounding.
I've liked my HifiMan Edition S for an inexpensive, on-the-road headphone.
If you don't mind the on-ear stuff, I highly recommend the Thinksound On2. The drop ended on Massdrop unfortunately, but they do have it on Amazon for a reduced price (not as low as on here though). If you're okay with a semi-open, the Sennheiser HD 599 is worth considering, although it's not as portable as other sets because it doesn't fold flat. If you want Bluetooth, the Bose QC 35 is actually pretty good. If I hated wires I'd get a pair.