Mar 14, 2019

Headphones for a semi casual gamer

Looking for a good set of headphones for kinda casual gaming and csgo to replace my sennheiser gsp 300, my budget is around 150- 200 but im really looking for the most value. A lot of headphones are not available in my country (Denmark) including the ones I was planning on buying (phillips shp 9500). I would really rather they where open since iv´e heard that´s better and I don´t have to worry about sound leakage and that. Thank You

I have the shp9500s and I think your plan is/was good. It does have mildly boosted bass and treble response, but these are not Beats. Things sound very clear for the price, and bass extension is excellent, though soundstage is small. I picked mine up new from Newegg for 70 USD..