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A discussion post for small, unique, fixed blades!

As you may have guessed, this is a discussion post for small, unique, fixed blades! : )

How about an amsler mini Hurricane Razor
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The mini one you mentioned isn't toooo terribly bad. (I might even look at getting one some time) But some of the other versions get way overpriced for the materials real quick Up to $230 for a 6" bar of coated cpm154 with a stamped titanium clip and a small kydex sheath? I can't see every spending the much on this
That is why I went with the mini.
Here's a pic that I took recently for this topic (but placed in product thread with our widely steered OT discussion 😁). I kind of like little fixed blades, and enjoy adding a bit of variety to my mostly folding knife carry. Today, I actually have a less than tiny fixed in my back pocket....a Boker Pry-Mate. Pretty sure it was Boker that got me started with odd, and super fat spined knives. Starting with a Gnome, BOB, and Bobby.

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The thought of trying the Keydashi on leather did cross my mind. But it's a bit too small to be manageable. Not to mention a little fat behind the edge, and made of metal that would not retain an edge very long. I've never actually owned a head knife. But would really like to try one out.
Yeah, nice concept for a shape to make with better streel and thinner stock though 😁 I've done a bit of leatherworking over the years here and there, but have a friend who's trying to do it full time. He's got a nice head knife, but I haven't had a chance/need to play with it yet to see if they're all they're cracked up to be I've gotten by fairly well so far with box cutter blades, and this Al Stohlman trim knife
Edit : i guess that one counts for the small fixed blade discussion? That's right, keeping conversations on track 🤣
Only recently got interested in these myself. Would like to see what other options people have found that are either very useful, or unique. (too many are either too similar, or too boring) Here's my Black Scout Featherstick, Tops Wind Runner, and WE Vaquita

Very nice! I have all my fixed blades up on a shelf in my closet, in an air rifle case. I’ll bring it down and see if I have anything interesting. Mostly ESEE and DPx pretty boring. My Camp Creek is one of my more interesting fixed blades.
Definitely an interesting blade, but I left it out, thinking it didn't quite fit the small category.... Even though it's certainly not big lol