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M1060c non-mod vs Mod House MKII Argon

After trying a pair of Monoprice M1060c I have decided to return them and secured a Pair of used T50RP MK II and a Pair of used T20RP MK II to have them modded. I plan on having the T50RP MK II with LambSkin and T20RP with Protein. and both with Single Ended termination. My question is will my Origen G2 or my SMSL SD793ii powerful enough to drive them? I also have a Topping NX4 and Fiio K2 for road use pairing with my LG V20. I find the 10K peak in the M1060c a bit harsh, and the size being way too big for road use. but if you are not sensitive with High Med- Low Treble and have an EQ, this is an outstanding Planar. Very Fast Sounding and Snappy. Nice Sound Stage while missing some Mid Freq just below 10K make this sound very un-natural. I have heard people take the back off and mod it with more damping material to improve the overall SS. But I decided to get the test and proven Mod from Ryan instead at Mod House. Anyone has experience with both the Argon and the M1060c? Please share your thoughts with the community. Looking forward to read your comments. Other headphones that I currently own Sennheiser HD 58x Jubilees Acoustic Research AR-E10 Fostex T60RP Sennheiser HD25 Sennheiser HD25sp

I don't have the Argon, so I can't tell you the difference. However, I have opened up the M1060c, and that smooth down the high and lower the low by 2~3db. It sounds more natural and sound closer to HD650 just by opening it up, but HD650 is still noticeably better in vocal. DMS (from Youtube) suggested changing the pads would further improve it. He even said he liked the mod M1060C more than LCD2C in his opinion. Here is the link: I will definitely try the ZMF Auteur Perforated Lambskin pad later and let y'all know my opinion.
Thanks for your reply. I returned the M1060c to fund the Argon. But for those who own a pair of 1060c might find this information helpful. I didn't want to invest anymore for the Metal Grill once I had it opened nor I want to tear the pads apart because I intended to return them. I am sure they are wonderful after the mod.
Oh man, wish I could find a good set of T50's or T20's used... I've been looking but not reasonable prices yet. I would think for single-ended output you would need more power than what you have in general though... g'l!
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Just buy a new amp, geshelli archel pro has plenty of power or magni or something... bravo ocean would also be a consideration of mine, with 4xx it is spectacular, not sure about other planars though, but tons of class a power there. Could also consider balanced options.
I think they need 1watt RMS at 32 ohms minimum. I would wait for the THX AAA 789 or the Monoprice variant THX AAA 788 if I can't wait. I have also heard the Audio GD RFR 11 being the bench mark for some. Not sure about the XDoO XD-05 recently Re-Dropped, I think Z said they can drive those T50RPs. The SMSL and the G2 will work to some degree, if you are on a budget, you should be able to drive the 60RP to a listening level. But you are not going to heard everything this Fostex is capable to do.
Look some of my pictures and discussion under my personal profile. I was exactly in the same situation modding T50 and Argon Mk3 And Have found solution just few days ago. It is......................... Massdrop Mr Speakers Ether CX This is a culmination of all together what I have tied to achieve in T50 mod. Yes. I have both 1060C and Argon Mk3
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Thanks for your reply. I can run the T60 with my SMSL, just enough for it to play near normal listening level. I am sure the T60 and the MKII Argon can take a lot more power. But the SMSL started to clip at 2 O Clock. however Its perfect for my HD 86x as they are much easier to drive. As for Pads, I am getting a set of Lambskin and Protein so I can swap them to suit my needs. With what you said, what are the Lambskin Pads good for? FYI: Ryan recommended Protein for MKIII Argon and Lambskin for MK IIs base mod.
Ryan is correct. More stiffer the pads the bigger distance between driver and your ears. As result less mids and more trebles and bass. Treble depends of adsorbing/reflecting ear pads materials. The bass here is secondary and more in resonance phase due to reflection from the internal surface of ear pads. What is Ryan doing is eliminating secondary / rebounded bass to avoid distortion.