Mar 17, 2019

Tag Heuer Aquaracer?

Anyone have any honest opinions on Tag Heuer Aquaracer? I’m thinking about purchasing the newer version with the ceramic bezel.

Hey friend, The short and skinny is they are quite nice and well sorted. Before TAG purchased Heuer, they were making stuff that legends were made of. After the merger, the new company went from making great watches to making mostly mediocre, with a few exceptions. After LVMH bought the brand in 1999, things slowly started changing, and in the last 10 years making really solid watches (again!) Last year industry pioneer Jean-Claude Biver joined as CEO, and started making immediate changes to bring TAG back to Legend Land. You should get it if you like it, but with JLB driving the company, it will be a solid watch. Resale will be on the soft side if that’s of importance, but it will be good timekeeper. My experience with them was a good back in the early 2000’s, as I had two of them. Liked them, just didn’t love them long term. If you get it, shoot it and show it please. Happy hunting
Thank you for the review and information. I pulled the trigger on the Aquaracer. Ceramic Bezel, great lume, as it is green and blue. Can’t wait to see it person. I’ll post some pics when I receive the timepeice later this week.