Mar 17, 2019116 views

Best lower cost Audiophile headphones.

I wanted to get into the Audiophile scene, but I'm in Highschool. Give suggestions. Preferably under 100 USD.

The Sony MDR-7506 gets a lot of mentions every time this question comes up, at least from sources I read/trust. I don't own a pair. I have purchased A LOT of different sets between $60 and $130 (HiFiMan Edition S, Sennheiser PX-200II, B&W P3 Series II), and I think the Monoprice 8323 cans, which can be had from the website for something like $17 (plus shipping) is as-good-or-better-than almost every other (sub $130-and-no-amp-needed) set I've ever tried. TIFWIW. They won't be "cool" with your friends the way Beats By Dre will be, but if you're serious about wanting to get a taste of "audiophile sound," at $17 it's a no-brainer purchase IMO.
Get the audio technica ATH AD 900x, $100.
Definitely the Sennheiser HD 58x. Best 160$ you could ever spend. Get those and you won't need another pair for a long while. You also don't need to get a dad or an amp. Here's a more in depth review from a reputable source!
I second this