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Looking for a headphone for gaming (80%) and music (20%) that has a good bass presence but doesn't block out imaging (footstep sounds).

I'm currently trying to debate between a few different headphones: 1) 6xx 2) K7xx 3) HE4xx 4) DT990's (I tried these and decided against them) I know the 6xx isn't that great because of the small soundstage. Granted, I'm not trying to be a pro gamer or anything but it would be awesome to be able to have great imaging and soundstage (with bass). Is there a pair I'm missing that would be great for my needs?

I will save you money: get Cooler Master Mh 751 or Sennheisrr G300, they are similar, but G300 has more bass. 712, 6xx etc such a waste of money tbh
AKG k712 has an excellent soundstage. I find it easy to pinpoint footsteps.
Audeze Mobius ... can probably find a pair on eBay second had for a reasonable price. Was using those playing "The Division 2"... great. Also very nice for movies and music.
I already have a nice amp/dac stack though.
I can guarantee the K7XX's soundstage, they deserve the praise they get for it. However, based on my HD600 and the belief that it is somewhat reminiscent of the HD650, and therefore the HD6XX, I'd say the HD6XX has the K7XX beat on sound quality. But since you are using it mainly for gaming, The K7XX might just be the thing for you. I sincerely doubt the HE4XX would have a soundstage much bigger than the HD6XX.
The bass on the K7xx is pretty poor right?
Well, I disagree with those that say the K7XX doesn't have bass. It has bass, it's just that, to my ears, the K7XX's sounds rather thin bodied, when compared to the HD600 for example, and that thinness doesn't really help the low frequencies. In spite of that, for all I've read, the headphones of the K700s family, the K7XX included, are highly regarded as gaming headphones.
Take a look the Grado SE80i--Great sound stage and easy to drive.
I used the 4XX with gaming prior to switching over to the Elex and they we're a joy to use. The reason they work so well is their level of micro/macro dynamics of sounds that makes positioning easy. They're also punchy but are power hungry so as long as you have a powerful enough amp, I would easily recommend them over anything else you listed. The 58X would be a second suggestion but compared to the 4XX, they can sound a bit hazy and grainy and lack the dynamics and resolution. They're smoother but for gaming it doesn't really help or sound very engaging.
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Dude you're awesome just wanted to say that straight up. Also, tube amps and buffers are completely new to me. I just bought the el stack (el amp and el dac) and they produce really clean responses thus far but obviously it doesn't change the sound. Do you think I should return those and spend my money on a tube amp and/or buffer instead? Do you have any good examples of ones worth buying?
Happy to help. Honestly, that stack is solid. I wouldn't change a thing unless you're just wanting to try new equipment as a "side-grade." Admittedly, tube amps are a stickler and something I'm fairly new to as well. I have heard stuff by Woo audio, the Dark voice 336 is highly recommended, the various Little Dots, Bottlehead tube amps, etc. There are so many options out there that I would suggest starting cheap to even see if you like the sound of tubes. I really didn't as a whole and found I only used them in certain cases with certain cans which seemed like a glorious waste of money. Hence me settling on a tube buffer which just slightly colors and changes things without ruining the sound at a reasonable cost. I have an iFi iTube2 buffer and compared to an outright tube amp, it adds some slight flavor to the sound. And for me, that's enough. Some folks REALLY love the sound of tubes but I am admittedly a solid state guy through and through. I had the iFi Pro iDSD on loan from a friend and fell in love with it's tube stages. The iTube2 is basically that section sold separately and that's what I have paired with my THX789 and SMSL SU-8. Really couldn't ask for more at this price point as it ticks all the right boxes and I don't think I want to spend more money for what is seemingly a very small incremental increase in overall clarity.
IMO. Senn HD 58X would be a better fit for gaming, since you do not need immense gear to drive them properly (Amps). Also, they are a tad less expensive but the quality and sound are still impeccable.