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BIG Blades!

I'd like to see something big come through here. I was thinking a machete or a big chopper or a Kukri.

The Cold Steel Gurkha Kukri Plus comes to mind.

The Condor Tool & Knife, Jungolo , Yoshimi or

Makara Machetes are 3 newer designs from Joe Flowers. Condor also has a new kukri. The

K-TACT KUKRI KNIFE in ARMY GREEN & DESERT TAN. Ok...I admit it...I like Condor. BUT...I also like the Becker BK9. And the new Becker Kukri. But c'mon guys...what is your BIG KNIFE chopper or Machete.


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ESEE Junglas would be my vote for a big knife/chopper, but only because I already own a kukri from Kukri House.
As corny as the name is, the Reaver from Zombie Tools looks awesome, as well. 'spensive though.
Any Condor tool and knife parang/golok/bolo would be cool
Id much prefer a real kukri over the cold steel one though.
I agree, but because so many Kukris are hand made...I don't know if they could be bought in mass. It would be cool though.
O no I agree.
I have about 8 EGKH kukris and each one is vastly different from the last in Fit and Finish.
Oddly enough the kukri without a maker's Mark was the best lol.
However a mass drop from HI would solve that problem.
Though I think I'd be in the minority in wanting that.
Your text is very large, I feel like you are yelling at me.
I love my Cold Steel Kukri, paid about $15 for it years back. It has handled many blackberries, camp clearing, and tons of trail maintenance.
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Haha, no worries!
The Kukri I have is 1095 high carbon, which I think is perfect for a machete. Good edge retention, easy to sharpen, but "soft" enough to take a serious beating!
O1 is a high carbon tool steel and is not a of the stainless family of steels. It has extra chromium like a lot of tool steels, but will very readily rust and or patina.
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