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BIG Blades!

I'd like to see something big come through here. I was thinking a machete or a big chopper or a Kukri.
The Cold Steel Gurkha Kukri Plus comes to mind. The Condor Tool & Knife, Jungolo , Yoshimi or Makara Machetes are 3 newer designs from Joe Flowers. Condor also has a new kukri. The K-TACT KUKRI KNIFE in ARMY GREEN & DESERT TAN. Ok...I admit it...I like Condor. BUT...I also like the Becker BK9. And the new Becker Kukri. But c'mon guys...what is your BIG KNIFE chopper or Machete.


ESEE Junglas would be my vote for a big knife/chopper, but only because I already own a kukri from Kukri House.
As corny as the name is, the Reaver from Zombie Tools looks awesome, as well. 'spensive though.
Any Condor tool and knife parang/golok/bolo would be cool
Id much prefer a real kukri over the cold steel one though.
I agree, but because so many Kukris are hand made...I don't know if they could be bought in mass. It would be cool though.
O no I agree.
I have about 8 EGKH kukris and each one is vastly different from the last in Fit and Finish.
Oddly enough the kukri without a maker's Mark was the best lol.
However a mass drop from HI would solve that problem.
Though I think I'd be in the minority in wanting that.
Your text is very large, I feel like you are yelling at me.
I love my Cold Steel Kukri, paid about $15 for it years back. It has handled many blackberries, camp clearing, and tons of trail maintenance.
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Haha, no worries!
The Kukri I have is 1095 high carbon, which I think is perfect for a machete. Good edge retention, easy to sharpen, but "soft" enough to take a serious beating!
O1 is a high carbon tool steel and is not a of the stainless family of steels. It has extra chromium like a lot of tool steels, but will very readily rust and or patina.