Aug 19, 2017

Let's see yalls rigs.

Post a shot of your preferred method of hearing loss.

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My set Up gaming and sound.
Name those headphones.
From left to right.

Fostex TH900
Hifiman x Massdrop HE4XX
Sennheiser PXC 550
Steelseries Siberia 840
AKG K702
Sony MDR Something lol
Beyerdynamics DT1990 Pro
Sennheiser x Massdrop HD6XX
Audio Technica ATH MX50X?
Winner winner chicken dinner. The fostex is a th-6xx and the Sony.... let’s see if someone else can guess.
This was when the RME ADI-2 DAC/AMP was fresh out of the box. I no longer use the xduoo. Just a/b testing. The ear-pads are alpha pads on a HE-400i. Now I am waiting for the Mass-Drop/THX AAA amp to arrive to add to it. 6 watts compared to about 1.5 watts. Plenty of headroom and low distortion at the listening levels I will be using with the Mass drop amp. I will be hardly pushing it compared to the amp in the RME.
The RME dac/amp does sounds great, dont take me wrong. Best audio gear I have ever owned.
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Its a massdrop that over. Cost 375 and some change shipped.
The SDAC inside the CTH is busted, so I had to replace it with something...a Mimby does the trick, although I think I honestly preferred the SDAC (and definitely prefer having everything inside a single box.) If another Liquid Carbon X drops, I'll get that to try; otherwise I think this is end game!
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My african american brother.
Speakers are the newest edition, experimenting with their positioning with those big foam wedges. My cheapo little custom pc is under the desk. It looks messy but I'm a nut when it comes to cable management, so if you would look under the desk you wouldn't see any wires besides the power cord for my pc :) My xbox, CTH, and speakers are all sourced by the conductor virtuoso
HD800S, nice, listened for a bit on 46th St., want to take them to a quieter place, so noisy... but still shown through...
I prefer big speaks and vinyl, but I’m excited to receiv my HD6xx in August, which I’m hoping sound similar to my big rig but quieter for late night listening. Plan to use the MP-301 mk3 deluxe as a headphone amp too.
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me too.
Audio Technica LP-120


My current “Ministry of Sound”...
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Yes, they are yoga blocks. I got the idea from a popular YouTuber who reviews headphones. If you have interest, do a search for ZeosPantera. The language can be rather adult but the content is entertaining and informative.

I love KSC75s, they're the most underrated things ever.