Aug 19, 2017

Let's see yalls rigs.

Post a shot of your preferred method of hearing loss.

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My little corner. Nothing fancy but I think its decent enough for a college apartment setup.
xDuoo-XD05 with old sony xperia phone for portable use
Senn HD6XX, Dunu DN2000 for the desk and Hifiman RE400 for my pocket
Pair of AKG 553 pair of massdrop fostex txos a Fiio kunan E18 and a Micca origin original so far.
Line out from the Micca goes to a vintage Harman Kardon 3400 which Powers these elac ub5 to finish it off.

Just a simple setup:
On my table: schiit modi 2/ magni 2 stack. Next to it is schiit bifrost multibit/ valhalla 2.
Currently using my HD 800. I was messing with the ATH msr7 for fun.
I'm currently using my valhalla as a preamp as well for the JBL LSR30x speakers I got in the drop a few weeks ago. That's paired to a SVS SB12-NSD sub not pictured.
On top of those speakers, due to space I have my audioengine hd3 speakers. That is also hooked to an audioengine s8 subwoofer not pictured.
Just curious why you have two separate bookshelf speakers? Same goes for the schist stack and bitfrost
Solid setup! I'm running a Bimby/Val2 too, and pre-amp to nearfield/SVS setup as well... been very happy with it. I like your taste!

Portable and somewhat portable office setup.
1 - lg v20, topping nx1s, meze 11 neo
2 - fiio e10k, yamaha hph200
Gearporn pictures taken with an EM10 and a sigma 30mm f 2,8 art :) Oneday, maybe i will spread them all over some nearly naked lady and take some pics of them for you :D
Other setups will probably follow. Probably :)

I have noticed that the jack-jack small cable from the first picture, actually sucks and screws your quality quite much, so if you ever use a portable amp or dac/amp, get decent cables, as what they put in the package seems to be of lower quality. I've replaced it with a decent one and the output quality of that small amp improved a lot.
Excuse the mess of cables behind.
JDS labs OLDAC > JDS labs 3 band Equalizer > Aune x7s > Fischer FA-011 via balanced cable.

nice setup :)
Most current setup includes a used STAX SRM-323S driver unit I recently obtained for the ESP950 with adapter cable (do have the STAX SR-L300 80th Anniversary Limited edition on order.) Using my second H10 amp with drilled holes on top and just finished installing some custom heat sinks I made from copper heat sink shims into it tonight.

PC → Gungnir Multibit → Liquid Carbon → Ether Flow
Nice setup. What keycaps are those?
Linus tech tips taught me to use zipties and make crap look really ghetto lol!

got an Odac and Schiit magni 2 (also got a little dot 1+ coming)
Dt 770 80 ohm and 990 pro 250 with detachable cable
T50rp mk3 with mayflower version one mod
He 400i with dekoni th900 hybrid pad
m50s with detatch cable mod.
hd 518 modded
custom cables I made myself.

Update 1/24/18
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How are the TH 900 Dekoni hybridsl pads on the 400i? Better seal than stock?
my stock pads ripped apart along time ago so I don't exactly remember what it's like but the 900 pads seal really nice with the memory foam easily conforms around my head.
I use a Fiio E10K as DAC, my amps are the Schiit Magni 2 and Little Dot i+, for headphones i have the Sennheiser HD558, Grado sr325e and Hifiman HE400i on the Silverstone EBA01 headphone stand.
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You won't believe it lol, it is a white led strip and normal white bulb behind the monitor covered in purple cellophane paper.
haha the Hue is very expensive but i have seen some cheap alternatives, i am looking into getting an RGB ledstrip too, i had a white ledstrip because my setup used to be all black and white.
thanks dude!
Main rig: NAS/SilentPC (WASAPI/Foobar)>Bimby(Gen5)>Valhalla2/A20>hd650/LCD2/T1.2/Utopia, or Bimby>CXA80>LS50s/SVS SB2000. Mjolnir2 and Vidar on backorder...Valhalla and CXA going to join my secondary setup .

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are you pre amping the a20 trough the vallhala? how does it sound? I own an a20 and deeply hate it makes evrything sound sharp and fatiguing.
I don't, though I imagine you could to try and warm things up a would just have to deal with both volume pots. I do use the valhalla to pre-amp the CXA and run into the same thing (which is half the reason I'm going to the vidar). Gives an awesome soundstage through the ls50s. The a20 I kinda use as a SS reference and quick go for the high impedance cans when I don't wanna burn tubes.