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Let's see yalls rigs.

Post a shot of your preferred method of hearing loss.

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I gotta say, the massdrop stack is getting prettier with each new piece of hardware...

Basically everything is connected to the Aune X1S in this pic. While the LCX is connected to the fostex via xlr :)

x7s vs lcx which one do you prefer?
how does the aune x7 compare to the cth or lcx ?
Pardon the mess, I will be clearing this space out soon...

Google Play Music/PLEX (FLAC) ->Chromecast Audio -> DarkVoice 336SE -> 6xx
Wife approved for the living room.
Absolutely awesome office set - Mrspeakers Aeon Flow closed. FAST and accurate,

Fiio Q5 with AM3B amp module using 4.4mm balanced out. Laser sharp, crystal clear, silky smooth, black liquid chrome signature. The AFCs eat up the bass boost - yum yum yum 🎧🎧
The m100 don't need much help sounding great. The m100 even work well with the Pixel 2 dongle.
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is that FRESH XL pads i see!?! Yeah thanks for the reminder, i need to get some new pads
XL pads indeed.

Topping NX4 is the anchor of my portable setup for around the house or when I travel. NX4 works great with Pixel 2 and iPad Pro. m100 are great without the amp, but the amp doesn’t hurt(even more bass). NX4 is also excellent paired with the MD Pinnacle PX amd Grado SR80. The NX4 takes the edge off th SR80 highs and adds some low end punch.
Aune X1S/X7S
Headphones: 6xx/4xx/m100/SR80
IEM: MD Pinnacle PX/ Klipsh X11s
Sources: MacBook Pro/ Chromecast Audio (OPT)
Music Sources: Google Play Music, Plex (FLAC)
Surface book running Tidal hi-res desktop app (with software decoding OFF) to a Grace Design SDAC to a Darkvoice 336SE (vintage GE 6080 6AS7 power tube and a NOS Silvertone 6SN7GTB driver tube) into my newly acquired Beyerdynamic DT1770 Pro cans.

Also pictured: Vsonic GR07 37th Anniversary Limited Edition IEMs with Fiio E12A Mont Blanc amp; I use an LG V30+ for portable audio (also through tidal, it even does native MQA support!), It's not pictured because it was taking the picture.
You are correct, I have had DT990s for so long that when I go to write "1770" my fingers just go to the nine key.

I'll fix it.
Trying out an LFF Code-6 now (heavily modded HiFiMan HE-6). Needs new pads. System is Breeze DU-U8 interface (will be replaced by Singxer SU-1 once I get rid of this other schiit), Chord Hugo 2 DAC, Mjolnir Audio Pure BiPolar amp.

my computer set up..

What u have going on here is my dream setup, gear is nice but the stereo to the left and placement is what I really like. What kind of desk is that?
thanx.. I well pleased with the stereo gear to left also Sony TA-N77ES..etc stack circa 1989~

the desk is about ~5yrs old and came from a place called Plummers (apparently AKA Scandinavian Designs) ..
The Toy Boxxe
Only the gear with lights is used in that chain. The DAC is trying to hide, it's a Chord Hugo 2 and the front is visible. The Breeze DU-U8 interface is not visible (once I get rid of some stuff I will get a Singxer SU-1).

Amp is a Pure BiPolar/Dynalo Mk2 from spritzer (Mjolnir-audio), headphones shown are the Audeze LCD-4 and ZMF Blackwood (I have plenty of others but those get the most use).

Unused headphone gear not entirely visible = Schiit Lyr 3, Chord Mojo, Garage1217 Project Ember II
...but the LCD-4's treble problems make it not worth keeping. Sounds worse than the Blackwood because of it. Got me a ZMF Ori in purpleheart today, my new primary headphone.