Aug 19, 2017

Let's see yalls rigs.

Post a shot of your preferred method of hearing loss.

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Just temporary for now. I wanted them at least hanging to keep them safe.
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You may be the most insecure person I've met on MassDrop if something said in PRAISE of your collection offends you. You have the collection just for the sheer fact that you can and it makes you happy. Stop being so butt hurt. No one was questioning your financial solvency.
It has to do with your " 'murica! " comment and your lack of a meaningful life. It's not my fault your life is this way, so there is no need to be negative. Come on now be adult here. You don't like the fact that I have collection too bad. What about all the other people here who have collections? I don't even have the biggest or the best. But, you know what? Like I said, I work hard, pay the bills, and still buy things I enjoy. If you can't then I am sorry but is not my fault, it's yours.
HA2SE with (from left to right) HD6XX, MSR7, HE4XX, HE350
Where did you get your stands from?

I like these stands because they are affordable and match well in my home office with all the walnut and dark cherry wood I have there.
Lighting is less than ideal but bright enough I guess, here's the office set up. I had a gaming PC back in 2012 now it's just good enough for working. No fancy color'd fans or anything, just hard wood and headphones that big empty spot is for an in progress amp I forgot to pull out <.< plus what ever else I'm listening to for that day
Just got this speaker set up mostly for Movies and listening in the bedroom! LSR 308's fed from a JDS Labs EL Dac and OL Switcher, I haven't settled on positioning. This was just a quick pick after I unboxed them and gave them a first listen just to ensure that everything was functional.
Lastly my portables, M2S and HM 601 get the most action when I'm out and about. The 601 is just for EDM and I pair it with my HD 25-1 ii love the parametric EQ in Rock Box so I have a custom curve just for the HD 25-1 ii, other wise the M2S does everything else... But I'll carry the HM901 along with either the Pico Power or PB2 when I want to listen to something more substantiated away from home.
Whoa....sweet jebus, now that's a headphone collection!

Love the wood in those pics!

Good job!

I love finding older wood furniture second hand, it's all super well made and often pretty cheap. The desk was kind of an accidental find, the hutch atop of it is actually from a bed, so from there I figured I had enough to start finding more, collections going on 5+ years now ^^
Here's my Audio-GD NFB-11.28 and the Sennheiser HD 6XX:

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Nice pics dude, do you work for massdrop? :)
No, but thanks. :)
I am not a supporter of "hearing loss" but I do have a collection to show. (I can't show all since upload limit is 8 photos)
These are my causal, walk around/s:
lower shelf: Meze 99 classic (hidden behind on the left), ATH-MSR7-LTD, HD6xx, VISO HP50, PM-3
upper shelf: performance 860, crossfade M-100
These ones are for if things heats up a bit:
lower shelf: K7xx, K550, MDR-7506, T50rp-MK3
upper shelf: ATH-AD1000x, ATH-W1000x
And here we have just for the couch, laid back:
lower shelf: HD700, DT880, K712
upper shelf: PM-2, MDR-Z7
For portable/ travel:
UE900, XBA-H3, M300
with: Fiio A5
Let's not forgot the amplifier/s who are doing all the hard bits:
Gustard H10 (chips swapped), AUNE X7s, Schiit Magni 3 + Asgard 2
And last but not least for the wireless, in stereo:
SRS-XB3/s (Lt + Rt twins)
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I actually use the K712 exclusively if I want to know exactly what's happening in the music, texture, imaging, their accuracy is like living a wet dream. A good amp helps too, I guess.
DT880 are very transparent and gives a concert hall feel, and the HD700 are very smooth with deep bass, more like a recording room (with EQ tuning). But instead, the K712 get you the first person presentation.
Two songs I always listen are Air on G-string arranged from BWV 1068; and Winter from Four Season.
Ya, a reasonable size foot print and quiet stable (round shape) base. Doesn't strain the spring/ elastic is a bonus (on AKG, ATH).
Actually I'm not a real HiFi fan, but I'm a truly music head :P
KEF egg
B&W P7 wireless and P3
Westone UM pro 10
My office desktop, right now:
I didn't spent any time moving things around, that's my usual mess. From left to right: Superlux 668b (removed inner foam), Audio Technica ATH-M50x (leather earpads), Tin audio T2, Seahf AWK-009, Boarseman KR25D, Topping D30 DAC & Little Dot I+ (Mullard M8161 tubes).
A more artistic close-up of the 668b & DAC/Amp stack, shot a few days ago. Love the tubey's glow. Not so visible in the pics are the Hifime Sabre 9018, some other tubes like the Voshkod 6ZH1P-EV or Valvo 6CQ6, and more Chi-Fi IEMs.
Current headphone setup:

Gustard X20U DAC
Gustard H10 amp (modded)
Schiit Loki EQ

M1060 (modded)
SHP9500 (modded)
TH-X00PH (modded) - not pictured
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Looks like my shp9500s:
black hm5 velour pads and a black repurposed a leather belt i never used for the comfort strap ( used the old strap as a template for the cutouts).
I actually had the grills blacked out but removed the marker again b/c I missed the big stupid L/R letters after some time...
Yeah, the nice thing about the stock headstrap is that clear plastic internal piece which makes a perfect template, you can just trace it and punch 5/16th holes in the leather. I'm either way with blacking out the letters, have 2 SHP9500s one completely stock and this modded one.