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Let's see yalls rigs.

Post a shot of your preferred method of hearing loss.
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This thread has an impressive array of full-size equipment. - Derek
Here is mine
DAC: Chord Mojo fed from Mac Mini with Audirvana + software through microRendu
Headphone Amp/Preamp: oppo HA-1
Headphone: Focal Elex
Amp: Arcan P49
Speakers: B&W 804 D3
Headphone Cable: Blanced with Mogami W2534
So. I returned L700 and got these L300 Limited Edition and Woo Ges. Amazing combo. STAX Master race again :D
Gustard H20 from Massdrop, sources are Ak240, Chord Mojo + Shanling M1 as tranport (M1 from Massdrop) and Pono. I had a nice Blacksheep Boreray balaced interconnect for Ak240 but recently malfunctioned, so single ended for Ak240 till I get it repaired. HD800 has Dekoni Elite Hybrids from Massdrop, as well. The interconnect for Ak240 & Mojo is an Audioquest Angel, Pono balanced interconnect is an Audiominor Celestine, Shanling L2 between M1 and Mojo. HD800 balanced cable is an Audiominor Marquise.
6 months on, and not much of my original setup hung on. Need to correct the clutter on my desk and free up my monitor speaker so it isn't stuffed into a corner.

Not a bad way to spend 20k right there!
In addition to below
Nice. Simple, classic and stylish, Apple style. love it. A+++++++
Hey saludos, I've got a hifiman 400i, Senn 600 and 650, b&w p7 wireless, Bose qc15 (not pictured), fiio f5 iem, kz something. Dac aq df red, onkyo dx1, marantz sr6011. I'd also like some advice, I think I want to know where to go from here. I'm thinking I want sone bassy cans, and the fostex mahogany look nice or some ultra wide soundstage ones. I think the bassy ones though. Also, I'm thinking of a desk daw amp like the audio gd r2r 11 or something similar. Can stuff is expensive. I'm curious about tubes also. Any way thanks and rock on
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Lol man. I got exactly the same headphone stands.
Great cheap stands!!!!
Nice brother! Looks bad ass
Have had some fun rigs over the years! I began with HeadRoom Micro DAC and HeadRoom Micro Amp with the AKG Q701s and really enjoyed them... Then found Massdrop.. Loving the Sennheiser 6XX running off of the ifi Micro BL. Also feeds the Little Dot 1+ with a tube upgrade. The Little feeds the HE-4XX mostly. The JH Audio 16s were acquired this past year and accompany the iBasso DX80 on trips most often, but also listen at home from the ifi - helpful with it's sensitivity settings just for iems as they don't need much. They also benefit from the 3D settings to get the soundstage out of my head. I'm always tempted by more gear but have been really happy with what I have.
Didn't know they stacked Schiit that high.
Seeing a lot of their stuff in here, come to think of it. Interesting.

Sennheiser HD600 + balanced custom cable from Best in the Verse, who appears to be closed. =(
(Anyone know the next best place for custom cables?)

I don't use the Vali 2 or Wyrd anymore so they're now a makeshift headphone stand. :P
The cassette deck isn't really used either. I only put it there to rip some old tapes I have.

As for the speakers, yeah yeah I'm working on it. Need a bigger desk first.

(If wondering, the old DS Lite on the left is plugged in because it has been running what I'm sure is the last demo ever downloaded from the Wii's Nintendo Channel since its online services went down in 2013. It's gone forever once power is lost; I can't bring myself to turn it off...)
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Thanks for the eBay recommendation. Damn those are cheap, I'll check them out.

Regarding the Vali 2, if you want to try tubes, Vali won't give you a good idea of what they can do. It's a good amp, but it's not a tube amp.
It's a hybrid tube amp with a lot more emphasis on the solid state part, to the point where it's hard to even tell the difference between it and say, a Magni. It's almost a Magni with a tube attached, which you then need to replace.
Though it's certainly a lot more refined than those cheap little 12 volt "tube" amps you see everywhere.

Since you have powered monitors, you could use the Vali 2 as a pre-amp for those and give them some tubiness if you're into that.

I would recommend something like the Dark Voice or the Valhalla 2, or a cheaper but proper tube amp. Go all the way.
Schiit even has a 15 day trial on all of its gear if it doesn't do it for you.

Tubes can be nice if you're after certain things, perfect clarity not being one of them. They can extend the sound stage, which is nice if you have something like HD600s, which love them some tubes. They also take the edge off of tracks that are too bright or fatiguing. Or maybe you just want to make things sound a bit different and weird.

("Tube" tally: 8)

Vali 2:
DarkVoice 336:
Valhalla 2:

(If you don't know ZReviews, yes they're long, but they're thorough, and he doesn't bullschiit.)

What a stackaroo!
Amp - Schiit Lyr 2
Phones - Oppo PM-3
DAC - Now, it's a Young DAC This pic shows Moodlab Dice (Behind Phones)
Source - Bluesound Node (Out of shot)
Foobar 2000 -> Singxer SU-1 -> Gustard X20Pro -> Abrahamsen V2.0up XLR -> LST TS -> SR-009 / SR-007MkI
Tube buffer is on Gustard's RCA outs, runs also to Abrahamsen and then B&W705S (via FXAUDIO speaker switch as LST also uses speaker terminals to drive e-stats).
Empty space nearby was occupied by SMSL M8A + VA2, now moved upstairs, awaits SAP-9 (as I really like to use Gustard for my dynamics collection hiding in the drawers)