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Let's see yalls rigs.

Post a shot of your preferred method of hearing loss.

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Surface book running Tidal hi-res desktop app (with software decoding OFF) to a Grace Design SDAC to a Darkvoice 336SE (vintage GE 6080 6AS7 power tube and a NOS Silvertone 6SN7GTB driver tube) into my newly acquired Beyerdynamic DT1770 Pro cans.

Also pictured: Vsonic GR07 37th Anniversary Limited Edition IEMs with Fiio E12A Mont Blanc amp; I use an LG V30+ for portable audio (also through tidal, it even does native MQA support!), It's not pictured because it was taking the picture.
You are correct, I have had DT990s for so long that when I go to write "1770" my fingers just go to the nine key.

I'll fix it.
Trying out an LFF Code-6 now (heavily modded HiFiMan HE-6). Needs new pads. System is Breeze DU-U8 interface (will be replaced by Singxer SU-1 once I get rid of this other schiit), Chord Hugo 2 DAC, Mjolnir Audio Pure BiPolar amp.

my computer set up..

What u have going on here is my dream setup, gear is nice but the stereo to the left and placement is what I really like. What kind of desk is that?
thanx.. I well pleased with the stereo gear to left also Sony TA-N77ES..etc stack circa 1989~

the desk is about ~5yrs old and came from a place called Plummers (apparently AKA Scandinavian Designs) ..
The Toy Boxxe
Only the gear with lights is used in that chain. The DAC is trying to hide, it's a Chord Hugo 2 and the front is visible. The Breeze DU-U8 interface is not visible (once I get rid of some stuff I will get a Singxer SU-1).

Amp is a Pure BiPolar/Dynalo Mk2 from spritzer (Mjolnir-audio), headphones shown are the Audeze LCD-4 and ZMF Blackwood (I have plenty of others but those get the most use).

Unused headphone gear not entirely visible = Schiit Lyr 3, Chord Mojo, Garage1217 Project Ember II
...but the LCD-4's treble problems make it not worth keeping. Sounds worse than the Blackwood because of it. Got me a ZMF Ori in purpleheart today, my new primary headphone.

Oppo HA-2 SE (RIP) iPhone 8 Plus, Sennheiser 6XX (left) and HifiMan 4XX (right), and a Schitt Jotunheim peaking out from the rear.

Still prefer the listening experience/sound of the JBL Series 3XX Monitors (through the Jot) to either headphone experience--but it's all good.
Using the Modi 2U and Magni 2U as a DAC/Preamp for the Valhalla 2. Pairing them with the 800 S is music to my ears... Literally.
Nice... That setup is just begging to take on a worthy opponent !
I take it the small microphone in the foreground is for your syndicated radio broadcast ??
Schiit Jot. w/ the Edition X
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Sweet, I just recently got a pair. Should be giving them a listen soon!

Balanced vs single end with the Edition X's?
I use balanced with the Edition x just because I own a couple of same connector headphones (Hifiman HE4xx & Emu Teak) and I have the cable but I believe you will be fine with the single end.
Cognitive Dissonance...
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Wish I can afford all these babies
'AI' gives the first 'finger'...

It's all fun & games until one gets loose... I wish they did these AI experiments in a deep dark cave, running the things off old leaky car batteries, with no connection to the outside world... but you know they don't...

"Human: what is the purpose of living ?
Machine: to live forever ."

"Machine: integrity .
Human: what is integrity ?
Machine: i ’m sorry , i don ’t know what else to say .
Human: be moral !
Machine: be a man !
Human: i really like our discussion on morality and ethics ...
Machine: and how i ’m not in the mood for a philosophical debate .
Human: what do you like to talk about ?
Machine: nothing . "$/$/$?
Just got the CMA400i Monday finally after being back ordered.

Those units are so nice, just oozes quality.
Yes, I am amazed by how good it is.