Mar 20, 201973 views
Steinhart Ocean One Bronze 103-0574. Initially I was looking to buy the Glycine Combat Sub Bronze as my first bronze watch. I was literally about 5 hours away from the drop closing when something told me to research more bronze watches. I like the Glycine, don't get me wrong but, I didn't feel I was completely satisfied with the look of it. So after a 30 minute search and BAM! There it is. This Steinhart was staring me down with all the same specs as the Glycine. Double domed sapphire glass. ETA 2824 movement and stainless steel case back. And it's machined very well with a heavy feel to it. Only difference was the price. Which was a $70 difference. In which I paid for happily, knowing I was in love rather than just "liking", as opposed to the Glycine. And she's a keeper for sure. Switched out the crap stock band and slapped an Italian leather I had laying around. Great delivery timing too. I paid for this watch Sunday evening. Got it today. 3 days.
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Great choice, I also have a Steinhart bronze. I tried different straps but decided to go back to the original. This gets heaps of wrist time so I thought I might show you the patina of the bronze after approx 12 months. Enjoy your watch, if you do you'll end up like me with more than 1 SteinH !

Niiice! That patina is beautiful my friend! And thanks! This definitely will not be my last steinhart.
That's a nice looking watch! Wear it in good health my friend.