Mar 21, 2019

Received Someone's Else Package.

I was supposed to receive a MSI 24" 144 hz 1 ms Gaming Monitor today, and it had said it was delivered. However, when I came home, I had instead received a Detox Dry Conditioner or whatever that was supposed to be sent to another customer. The shipping box contained the same tracking number of the monitor but the instead receipt was the billing and shipping address of the other customer. Now I have questions about whether or not MassDrop will deliver another monitor to my address (hopefully they don't screw it up again), or at least give me a refund. And also about the how likely MassDrop is to even respond to my email. If you ask me, there is no freaking way a dry conditioner could be mistaken for a 24" gaming monitor.

Sounds like a very simple mistake of sticking the wrong tracking label on the packages
Reach out to Support and they will help you out. I once ordered a monitor mount from Amazon, and instead got a single Japanese eraser. It's frustrating and rare, but the warehouse employee's are human too. I'm sorry you were the unlucky one this time.
I have already reached out to them and are waiting for a reply. However, I have read multiple other posts about the lack of a response from the MassDrop Customer Service. Some have never received a reply even after waiting multiple weeks, so that worries me.
I won't say there hasn't been issues like that before, but I'd take them with a grain of salt. A good number of those end up being pretty simple mistakes after we take a deeper look. ie Support responses sitting in the spam folder, used a fake email when signing up, trying to reply to old closed issues to get a reply on a new issue, replying to a dead email or former employee, etc. If someone hasn't gotten back to you by the end of this week let me know and I'll take a look.