Mar 21, 2019

MD x Mr Speaker drop coming back?

Any idea when (or if) will there be another MD x Mr Speakers Ether drop this year? Or if there will be any other MD x (awesome closed back cans)? Missed out earlier and need a closed back to add to my collection since I have the MDx Senn/Fostex cans as well.

Not seein' anything on the books right now for the MrSpeakers closed back, but that could change. Will let you know. Only other Massdrop Made closed-backs we have right now are the Massdrop x Focal ELEX's if you already have the Fostex's. ^whoops
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Happens to the best of us, been so busy lately I've been leaving out key words in things I type... since there isn't a Focal Closed back in the works how about an HE-6 collaboration... don't feel like paying 1800 for the limited SE version!
Wrong guy to ask, but let me check in with my boy @CEE_TEE.