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Could we please give the europeans here some love and do some ISO/Nordic options on some keycap or even keyboard drops?
Cyberic, Diddern, and 4 others

Hi! There is currently running a add on set for both gmk WoB n BoW!! Supported Languages UK, British ISL, Icelandic NO, Norwegian SE, Swedish FL, Finnish FO, Faroese DK, Danish DE, Deutsch PT, Portuguese Check out the Geekhack page for more info!](

The XDA Canvas keycap set has an ISO and Norde kit. Check out KBDFans. They have a lot of keycaps and I think some have ISO keys.
Thanks, Ive seen that one, but It is honestly one of the few colour palets Ive seen on here that I dont like at all. Ducky, GMK and many other make/can make Nordic sets, but it just seems like no one is selling them, even though Ive seen numerous posts on reddit and other forums asking for them.