Mar 23, 2019136 views
Just picked up the aquaracer! What a beautiful watch! I've been eyeing it for a while now, found a really good deal. I had to budge!
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I’d love to know what you gave for that beauty.....
Looks mint!
There it is! 😎 to put my shades on for that one. Love the blue... that ceramic bezel and the dial.....Wow!
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eBay it's where I found mine. They've got some incredibly good deals. Just have to be patient and find the right one.
@Truelove1 @Elky yes I got it from eBay! You have to be careful with fakes. Look at the reputation and feedback. Also mine came with a verifiable warranty online so I known I was getting a genuine piece. Always use PayPal so you have protection incase something goes wrong.. But eBay has some amazing deals. Also no tax makes it better. You can also find gift cards cheap too make it a better deal.