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Can I use the dragonfly as a dac only and the magni 3 as an amp?


I just bought the Magni 3, but I already had the Dragonfly Black to use with my mobile phone. I was wondering if to use it with the PC I can use the DF as a dac only connected to the Magni, or I would give problems that double amplification. Or if it would be influenced by the quality of the sound?

Yes, they work fine as a preamp DAC. Just put the Dragonfly volume to 100% along with music application volume most of the way up and use the Magni 3 to control actual headphone volume level. Just make sure to not plug the dragonfly directly into the computer USB port - use a short USB extension cable like this: It's how I use my DFR most of the time for my work setup...
Also works well for getting better audio out of your vehicle using the vehicle's auxilary input and a 3.5mm connection cable to connect to Phone/Tablet and Dragonfly combo. Will say the DFR sounds better than the DFB for this type of use though - cleaner, more detailed, vibrant sound which has more punch and subbass compared to the Black. The Black is warmer, looser, and softer in it's delivery.
thanks man, but why do I have to use usb extender for the DF?
For PC you might be able to get away with plugging it straight in to the USB, just support/strain relief the cable to the Dragonfly. Safety precaution to keep from damaging USB port/Dragonfly. Would never use Dragonfly on a laptop without an extension cable.
Yes, I used the DF Black as a DAC for almost 2 years paired with the Magni 2U. Its a pretty good combo, satisfied all of my needs until I felt like I wanted to try Balanced on my HD800s. Its usually the starting combo I recommend to all of my friends wanting to dip their toes into the audio world