Mar 24, 2019


Are the MontBlanc timepieces a reputable brand? These seem to be priced rather high. I know they are well known for pens and have some outstanding pieces. I haven’t seen a lot of reviews or conversations on these timepeices . I specifically like the TimeWalker Utc series. Any information is greatly appreciated.

Hello Montblanc makes some nice solid pieces. They are well designed, well built, and are detailed nicely. For a majority of the watches they make, they use ETA movements as the base with elaborations applied. Most would say they are not worth the MSRP, so getting discounts should be easy. Additionally, they’re value retention is not real strong, but I generally hold that watches should be bought to be worn and enjoyed. Also, the Timewalker has been available here on Massdrop in the past. You can search for the post and perhaps find more first hand feedback. cheers
Thank you for the insight. I'll check out the past drops and maybe find out a little more info before making the purchase. 👍