Aug 22, 2017

Best Camera Bag(s)?

Right now I am keeping everything in one bag of a rather small size. Which bag or bags do you guys use? I also do videography, so that just means I have to keep more stuff on me.

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i love thinktank. i have a roller for huge jobs and a shoulder bag for core kit. my lighting bag is a tenba made for profoto
Lowpro tactic 450 is a affordable durable and reasonably sized. At the least I’ve managed to fit my 15inch mac, a full frame and apsc size bodies, about 4 lenses with some accessories here and there and has attachable pockets and hooks for tripods water bottles and more.
I have a dakine mission backpack with the photo insert, it is hands down the best bag I have ever used. Fits a ton of gear and the camer section is only accessible when you have the bag off, so it is perfect for travel! I never have to worry about gear going missing in a crowded area while I am wearing it!

worth searching one out.
I've had a LowePro for 19 years. That thing is awesome. It's built like a tank. Their customer service is great too.
I've been using Domke's for over a decade now and I think they're great. They are simple, durable, understated canvas bags which come in a variety of sizes and muted colors. Apply some of their Refinishing Wax and you've got some weatherproofing. I also like that their F series shoulder bags have nice and thick padding at the bottom. Pair one up with the optional shoulder pad and you won't even notice it's there. The Gripper camera straps are pretty good too.
Ona makes some really incredible bags if you're into the messenger style. My personal is the gray canvas Brixton which is perfect for my Micro 4/3rds or 35mm cameras plus extra space for whatever when I'm traveling. If you need something a little bigger for video equipment or multiple bodies and lenses, the Union Street has the same amazing looks with more capacity.

I still want the all leather version of the Brixton. Excellent bag.
After 13 years of wearing a Crumpler Sinking Barge on my back (long live the Sinking Barge) I switched to the Peak Design everyday backpack ( and I highly recommend it. I bought it because of the function and got great form and innovation to boot. It holds my Fuji X-T2 gear (body w/lens, 1 extra lens, batteries, flash) with room to spare. It doesn't look like a camera bag which will save you, and it's a backpack so you won't develop SIS (Satchel Induced Sciatica).

My only single gripe is that the lower rear fabric covering is prone to tearing due to it being a friction point. Not a deal killer, they should fix it on the next rev hopefully.

I’m a Peak Design guy now, too, but I use the everyday messenger.
Its all up to the user but I've used Domke bags forever and love them. I don't care for backpacks - I'm usually on the go when shooting and like access to everything at my hip.
I have at least 6 bags. My go to bag for Travel is case logic KDB-101. we’ll made. Balanced. Lots of room. Very very easy access, stands up, absolute water proof on the bottom. etc etc
Hello! I use an Osprey 40L with a Lowepro for my DJI Mavic Pro and a Tenba BYOB for my camera. Hope this helps!
I use a backpack to store all my gear. It is the WNDRD backpack with the camera cube inside. Works to fit all my gear and super convenient
I've been looking at the WNDRD PRVKE. Do you have the 21 or the 31? Does it hold a 70-200 2.8 or a 150-600 attached to the camera?
I have a Tenba, and I love it. My favorite thing about it is that the dividers are all adjustable, so even if I change what I'm carrying, things will still fit perfectly.

And they have a huge variety of options, including gigantic cases for lugging all sorts of equipment around.
I've had good experiences with LowePro but the plastic clips are brittle and broke after 5 years of heavy use. So I try to find designs that do not have plastic clips. So I've converted to other bags.

If you're a pro, take a look at ThinkTank. I use a Speed Racer when working events. It's a sidebag with a retractable belt you can hang stuff off, like a Spider Holster. Makes it easy to swap gear while being super-mobile.

For travel, again, ThinkTank. Depends how much gear you have to transport. Rollers are great and they have a Video series too.

For lighter carry, I love the Peak Design Sling. Holds a body with attached lens and room for 2 more things, like a flash or lens. There are straps underneath to carry a tripod. And you can attach a Peak Capture Clip to either side if you want quick access. Plus it has a strap that lets you slide it onto a carry-on handle.

While we're on the topic, I like the Spider Holster for working events since it's super-quick access. But if I'm travelling the Capture Clip provides a bit more security and you can attach it to nearly everything.
What bag is this?
Looks like a manfrotto
My chip-in;
I have this Sierra Club carry bag I got by making a donation.
It's REALLY roomy, and made of very sturdy, water repellant gore-tex.
Compartments and a nice exterior zip-pocket... better camera gear bag than all these expensive designated bag.
For lugging my lens stable and other cameras about for a shoot, I prefer those foam lined metal hard-cases.

Anything I buy from Manfrotto is actual gear.
Like window mounts and tripods.
Anything by Lowpro or something by Manfrotto, there looking pretty functional and stylish these days. A little pricey but closer to Christmas you might be able to score a deal!