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Sunday Night Watch Head-to-Head

I’m looking at some watches tonight, and thought it would be interesting to set a couple pieces up in a head to head, so here we go, the Diver throw down! In the blue corner, representing Switzerland, is..... The Tudor Pelagos Ref. M25600TB-0001. This beast comes in a 42mm titanium case with an AR sapphire crystal, and is powered by Tudors in-house movement cal. MT5612. The COSC certified movement is good for 70 hours, and this one is water resistant to 500m. MSRP is $4400usd.
And in the red corner, representing Japan, we have.... The Seiko Prospex LX, Ref. SNR029J1. This Kaiju of a watch comes in a 44mm Titanium case, and also sports an AR coated sapphire crystal. The movement, a 30 jewel Spring Drive cal. 5R65, is good for 60 hours, with the watch being water resistant to 200m. MSRP for this one is $6000.
Judges..... how do you score?
Asheikm, john.yu, and 6 others

Just a tad out beyond my reach , so purely on visuals. The Tudor appears to me with the finesse of restraint in its presentation, maybe a few to many lines of info on the Dial. The Seiko seems too busy when you view it, I look at the Seiko Divers that I have and they are similar in that respect. I understand they are 2 pieces of high quality, but the TUDOR gets the nod.
I love the Pelagos, but would simplify it like such for the ultimate "tool watch" look (sorry for the crude rendering)!

Tudor all the way! I have two, perhaps three soon (we shall see) and I find the crown on the Seiko a bit too protruding visually.
Swiss please
Love the Pelagos LHD, wish they make em in steel
Tudor all day!!!

I would definitely go with the seiko it has the grand seiko movement
Hi, What is it that you find makes the Seiko that feature a spring drive worth $1600 more than an in house Tudor? Would you prefer it be labeled a Grand Seiko at the $6k price point?? Thanks for joining in!
well i would start with movement alone I prefer the beautiful sweep of the GS over the Rolex movement.
The Pelagos is beautiful in person and wears much smaller than one would think when you look at the specs, although it is a little thick. The titanium case makes it light weight which probably adds to that feeling of wearing smaller. A little too much text on the dial, IMO. I personally love the crown guards. The Prospex - meh? Seiko divers all share such a strong DNA, much to the detriment of the higher end models. I wouldn't consider the SNR029J1 when I could get the SBDC 051 or 053 for well under $1,000 or one of the SRP Turtles for well under $500. I really lust after Some Grand Seiko pieces but the divers Seiko makes in this range have never made a lot of sense to me. Pelagos in a TKO in the third round.
Well since I'm wearing the Tudor my vote is cast

nice watch
OK, I'll play.

Like the scorecard Roc! Thanks for playing