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Black & Gold Nanodots Giveaway (ENDED)

We're giving away a LOT of nanodots!
Our amazing friends at Nano Magnetics are helping us host a MASSIVE nanodots giveaway! We're picking 5 winners at random to take home a set of black nanodots and a set of gold nanodots each! You read that correctly, but in case you didn't, each winner is going to take away: • 1 set of 216 Black Nanodots • 1 set of 216 Gold Nanodots
This is the biggest giveaway in the Hobby Shop yet so we hope you'll take part and spread the word. THE GIVEAWAY RULES To enter, click the “like” (thumbs up) button in the lower left corner of this post. This giveaway ends on September 1st at 11:59 p.m. PT. The 5 Winners will be randomly and contacted via email within the week.

EXAMPLES There’s alot you can do with Nanodots, and we’ve seen some interesting creations in the community. Take a look below at some of these examples to get inspired: Game of Thrones: Winterfell & Stark Sigil

New to nanodots? Here’s a helpful video that outlines the history:

Thanks in advance for participating in this giveaway!
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Nanodots look like way fun!!!!
I’m interrested!
These look like so much fun!
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You had us at Crazy Cat Lady. Do you have a set?
No I don't.
Love magnets
Kylo Ren's Tie Silencer - Is anyone going to watch The Last Jedi tonight?
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R2-Q5 aka evil R2-D2 - Who's excited to see Star Wars The Last Jedi? Learn to build 100s of awesome creations on
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Where are all the bad apples? Happy Halloween Massdrop!
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Halloween is just 3 days away! To celebrate we carved out a scary pumpkin from Gold Nanodots! Check it out!
Ooh, these look cool!
Friday the 13th! Stay Awesome everyone!
Greetings everyone! We have our official winners of the Black & Gold Nanodots Giveaway! Congratulations to the following lucky winners: · @Frell · Jared C. · Zach R. · Daniel S. · Shane B.
Big thanks to everyone for participating. We can't wait to do this again so stay tuned for the next time we do this.
For those that are still interested in getting your hands on some Nanodots, they'll be available soon in the Hobby Shop:
Were the winners announced? I was hoping to get the mail you know?
Since there are 5 winners it's taking a bit longer to confirm everyone. We email the winners first to confirm them and sometimes that draws out how long it takes us to make everything official.
Okay! Will wait. :-)
Howdy folks! The giveaway is over, and we'll be announcing the winners this week. We'll be e-mailing those that have won and then will announce them in the discussion so stay tuned!
If I win my 8 year old daughter and 10 year old son will create a sculpture for our mantle because they love creating new things with Legos and other building materials
Really cool looking
So cool
Love your giveaways thank you so much and bless you all. I would love to win this cool invention, so clever. I can see me playing with these for hours!
Thank you for the opportunity!!
Thank you for the opportunity, sure hope I win!! 😎🍺🤘
This is awesome!
These look cool!
Thanks for the chance! Would LOVE to win some!!!
Looks awesome! i, would love to play with them., But how do magnets work?
High hopes!
Good luck
Good luck to all!
Sweet, could use these to replace my worn out Bucky Balls that I have from a while ago. These things are so fun!
Look forward to them