Apr 2, 2019

prodotti audio per l italia?

Come si fa a trovare i prodotti che possono essere comprati in italia?

Hey there! Italian here too. I'll be writing in English as not everyone here speaks Italian, so I don't want to leave anyone out. Most of the items can be bought and will ship to Italy, too. I bought the HD 6XX and they were shipped without issues. There are just two things you have to pay attention to:
  1. having the product go through customs is often going to cost you a pretty penny (I paid ~40€ in taxes for the HD 6XX);
  2. shipment can take a while.
They're experimenting shipments from inside the EU, though, so neither of the above points should apply.
Infatti ...cercavo italiani 😀😅
"In fact I was looking for Italians" Questo è il primo post di discussione che abbia mai visto in italiano
Non lo so da quando vengo dagli Stati Uniti. Puoi fare clic su acquisto su un articolo e inserire il tuo indirizzo senza aggiungere il metodo di pagamento. Vedi se ti dà un errore. "I don't know since I'm from the United States. You can click purchase on an item and enter your address without adding the payment method. See if that gives you an error."
Is that a web translation or is Italian one of the tools in your skillset? Either way I salute your Mod skills good sir.
Google translate is a wonderful thing! Google translate è una cosa meravigliosa!
"How do you find the products that can be bought in Italy?"