Apr 10, 2019

Ultraportable AMP+DAC with a mic pass-through?

So i've been wondering if there are any and if yes, which is considered good and which not? Are they even worth it in the first place or you'd rather not have a mic to use (will probably be used with a phone as source and i don't want to lose the mic/remote feature on the headphones).

The Creative line is about the only ones I'm aware of with any consideration for Mic support. In-line mic/controls can be a small source of noise with headphones/iems so many amp/dacs skip this feature. With your goals in mind, assuming you aren't on iOS, I would go with a Radsone ES100 BT Amp/DAC. With Android O and LDAC BT support that device sounds almost as good with my Noble K10 as it does wired from my LG V20. It also has a built in mic that works well and the BT controls work with my devices (play/pause/forward/back). iOS only supports AAC which IMO sounds better than base bluetooth codecs (SBC) but not as good as aptX, aptXHD, or LDAC (all supported by the ES100 and my phone).