Apr 11, 2019

HD 58x not actually being on for so long it said

I was about to order the HD58x's today as I saw yesterday there's 16 hours left on the drop. today about 7 hours after I checked they say "Drop ended" I'm having loads of trouble with Massdrop trying to get a pair of headphones.

Never assume the drop will remain open for the full time frame, there is almost always a limit and if that is reached the drop ends. This headphone is currently dropping again so I wouldn't delay if you want to pick it up.
damn that sucks, yea i saw that too. I was debating on ordering them when i got home after work or make it the last thing i did before i left work. Luckily I bought them right before I left, when I went home I saw the drop was closed. oh man sorry about that hopefully you can get in on it also
Massdrop made items that are in-stock, they are on a cyclic drop period. It refreshes after 24 hours and they try to get the order shipped to you as soon as possible. The button will say "buy" in this mode. You just have to wait for it refresh If they are out of stock, the manufacturer needs to make more and ship them to the Massdrop warehouse in NJ before they are shipped to the customer. The button will say "pre-order" in this mode.
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However long the wait, these are worth it. The HD58X makes me loves music again every time I listen to them
My friend has a pair, I love the sound and bass. Been trying to get my hands on them for about a month but gotten a payment error and now this :/ Gotta wait until may to actually get them. :(