Aug 31, 201799 views

Massdrop's green is now blueish-green

For me it started yesterday, everything that was closer to an almost lime green is now a turquoise color. Also the red dot next to Massdrop's logo and the bell in the corner is almost pink, or at least a bit lighter of a red, enough that you could maybe call it a dark peach color...though it wasn't as noticeable of a change.
I was just curious if anyone else has had this problem and figured making this public might help if others have the same problem rather than privately contacting support. It hasn't broken any of the function of the site that I've seen, but was odd to see.

Wanted to let you know everything is A-OK. We are actually rolling out an update that incorporates new colors and fonts / typeface. Currently the update is only rolled out to a small group of users and that number will be increasing to even more users shortly. Sorry for any confusion. :)
No problem, thanks for clearing things up!