Apr 12, 2019

Can I use the Focusrite 2i4 audio interface instead of a DAC for the HD 6XX?

*I also asked this on a discussion page here on MD. So a long time ago I got a good deal on a refurbished Focusrite 2i4 audio interface, and got it to power up the Massdrop X JBL LSR30X powered speakers I got. It's been great. I now want to purchase the HD 6XX to up my audio experience (ATH M50x and Bose QC 35ii). I'm probably getting the Schiit Audio Magni amp as it's well priced and reviewed. I however am not sure if I can use the Focusrite 2i4 instead of a DAC (probably the Schiit Audio Modi if I do have to get one). I've seen one youtube video where the guy uses a Focusrite interface instead of a DAC but I'm not sure if I'll be compromising in anything. What can you tell me about this? Will it work? and if so, what, if anything, would I miss out on? If the sound quality would be compromised I'm willing to also buy a dedicated DAC. I'm new to the audiophile scene and any information would be greatly appreciated.

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