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Amp recommendation please!

I need an amp for Hd 6xx maybe! or anything for future. around 300$ I've bought the LD MK3, and I need another one. is Topping stack good?

i would get the dx3 pro , or if you don't care about looks the d50 + jds lab atom
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i have used several amps around the price range. trust me atom is the best for the price range, however its not perfect, the plastic is definitely worse compared to competitors with aluminium /metal cases. The potentiometer has a tiny bit of noise near the end on high gain (not really audible unless you really pay attention to it). That said if you don't mind , it really is the best amp for the money i would even argue its better than some $300+ amps i have tried. It is a very clean solidstate amp with enough power just for anything normal you throw at it.
Cool, how about its big brother Jds Labs EL? should I get it or stick with the Atom? because my range is above the Atom price Sorry if I'm asking a lot >.<
Here's a link to the 100+ other posts asking this question: https://www.massdrop.com/search/6xx-amp/talk
Every one is saying somthing else xD I'll check them. thanks for help mate
Since you already have tubed, something like the JDS Atom would be a good solid state option, if you're spending more than that you should be looking at a DAC/Amp combo.
If it ispossible for you to find the Arcam rHead under 300€ (I got mine for 230€, new) then go for it. Else there is the Burson Fun that sell for around 250€ (during sale that happen every now and then) Or you could find the TXH AAA, sold a mass drop a few months ago. I tested both above amp with the hd6xx Burson is very round while arcam is more transparent and detailed.
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None of them ships to my country :( , burson site is weird! I pay before I select my location!? nvm I'll wait maybe until it is available on Massdrop or I'll go with Aune.. agh I really appreciate  your help man. Thanks a lot.
Yeah Burson are not really into making the best selling site. They ship from asia so your country doesn't matter you'll have to pay duty and vat if applicable. If you want some Burson product you should take on the mailing list and wait for Sale that happen every now and then. I brought the full stack with v5 opamp and I'm really pleased with it. Shipped to Luxembourg in a week or so.