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How about MD's sexy new layout--pretty cool huh?

Yes, I'm kidding--it's terrible. I just wanted to lead with a positive statement. I'll bet there are a few who like it, a few like me (who don't), a few who don't care one way or the other, and a few more who haven't noticed it yet. But what I really want to know is, where do you come down on the change?

jonRock, pikapi, and 6 others

simple is better, the new layout is not simple.
And mos-def--ain't better neither!
Yup. Pretty freaking horrible. It's like the interface for a craptastic iPhone app got shat onto the main website.
Oh wait. It did. Massdrop app on Apple Store.
I'll be damned--there is one! Guess they were keeping it a secret? BTW, did you know: if you have an iPhone with the MD app, you don't need DAC? Yup, it's true.
Can it be sexy if it sucks? All the changes I've seen lately have been for the worse. I'll see your Nauseated Ned and raise you a Barf Boy

I thoroughly hate it, not only did the old layout look nice, it was easy to navigate... why fix something that isn't broken?
Also notice that prior drops are now listed as "Sold Out" and "Out of Stock" C'mon--what's up with that? How you gonna sell out of something you never owned? The drop just ended--or worse, they couldn't sell any of it.
The new layout is awful. The old one was a lot more mobile friendly and it was much easier to navigate to posts that you were interested in.
It's nice for PC but a bit inconvenient when browsing on a phone. Also pages now take noticeably longer to load and are laggier when using the site on my phone
New layout is terrible, harder to see price , navigation is harder. I think its trying to be simpler but it really isn't. Give us the old one back!
Old layout was better - easier to steer around. And I agree with the comment that the old layout was easier to use on a phone... Changes are always tough, but they should add functionality (though I can see where someone might think the static appearance of each page is more modern).
Sometimes I agree with you, sometimes I don't. This is one where we can bring our best liquor, hold hands, and kumbaya - it's pretty bad.
Liquor yes. Handholding, no.
You underestimate the power of liquor and drum circles. You'll give in to the moment. Hugs are not out of the question :)
It is annoying on the computer and mostly unusable on the phone, which is my primary shopping device.
You're right! I hadn't tried it on a phone until last night--it's bloody abysmal!
It's not an improvement... and it wasn't particularly good before.
Ditto. Like wth? Not all change is good change. Nobody asked us anything. Most likely some UX'ers decided what "we" would think needed improvement. It looks terrible on my PC. The only thing that I like better, are the notifications.
Two good points: they didn't ask us, and it's not an improvement to the earlier layout!
It's just ok... Kinda like Neapolitan Ice cream... You can't decide which flavor you want...
That a pretty adept analogy! --I still hate it though.
I prefer the old layout. This new layout seems a bit crowded and boring to me.
Agreed. Seems to use up a lot of screen space with graphics that don't add additional function.