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I Got a fever.....

I was going to list some pieces that intrigue me, and what's on the radar, but I have so many I like. This Rolex Air King 14000m is really, REALLY sticking out right now though. The Blue is amazing, and I really like the classic 34mm size, with the in-house 3130 movement. The fact that the Air King remained essentially unchanged visually for almost 70 years (1945 to 2014) and also has so much history attached is the biggest factor attracting me to this piece.
I'm trying not to go further down the rabbit hole
Anyone else got something they're eyeballing?

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One from my wish list: vintage Breitling Top Time Chrono:

Anyone on these comment boards take delivery of one? The dial gives me the feels, especially the lume shots. #SpeedyTuesday
Nope.... Tried though when they first released, but they sold out in a flash at MSRP, and I reconsidered.
You can get them secondary for around $8200 though.
Pretty minimal markup. I wonder if it will go up or down in the next 12-24 months...
I swore I was done buying watches this year. I swore it. Then today Evant had to go and release this one, which I love and which completes the search for a bronze diver. ETA 2824-2 Elabore movement, sapphire crystal, CuSn8 bronze case, green dial, limited to 100 pcs. Unless I sell something, this is definitely that last watch I'll purchase this year (although I do have another from a summer purchase incoming as well). Should ship around 12/4.

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One of the things I like about it, which is also what I like about the SOH, is the lack of numbers on the bezel. Just markers adds some elegance.
Ummmm, maybe THIS will actually be the last watch I buy this year. I just found a great price on Amazon for the Seiko Alpinist SARB017 that I've been waiting for MD to drop again. The last two modest watch goals I had were a bronze diver and the Alpinist. I think the next goal is probably that Breitling Superocean Heritage, but that'll take perhaps until this time next year, unless I trim some of the herd.
Part of what I love about time pieces is their stories - whether it be their development, famous people who wore them regularly, etc. I've expressed on these forums my love for Omega, but there is one Rolex that makes me tingly every time I see it.

This thing gives me the feels. I like the piece in general because of the story, but the black face with the green crystal gives me a case of the vapors. I think I'm in love.

These are really very very nice watches, and are a radical model as far as Rolex goes. I almost bought one when they first arrived from my AD, green glass and all, and I loved the orange on the dial. They were WAY overhyped early on though, commanding almost $10k on the secondary markets, as speculators were concerned of it being a limited model. Fortunately, these have come back down to almost original MSRP, and you can find the 116400GV black dial for $5k-ish.
I was lucky enough to get a look at Halios Seaforth and their upcoming Seaforth Series II at a recent watch fair. Although I'm not huge into microbrands and startups, I had a feeling I would be surprised. I needed to see the Seaforth in person before making judgement. It obviously has classic references, and an amazing boxed crystal, but it doesn't feel retro. Needless to say, I'm posting because it's been on my mind ever since.

This is the original Seaforth Series I with the blue dial and the rotating steel bezel. It has the Miyota 90S5 automatic inside. The Series II will have a Swiss movement I believe, with a date window at 6 and some new very bold pastel dial colors. The owner was so receptive to feedback at the table, it was very respectable. I could get behind a micro, if it's this good.
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I really like Halios microbrand watch. I am waiting for their release for Halios Seaforth II and this will be my first microbrand watch.
You and me both!
I've been eyeing Turtles for months now, specifically the SRP-775. The other day I almost pulled the trigger on a different Seiko with some gold on it that was cheaper, but only by about $100, and this would have been a silly move to try to scratch the itch I've had for the Prospex. I told myself to practice some restraint.

Well, screw that. Saw Jomashop having a sale and I'm going to pull the trigger. No one in Chicago seems to have a Prospex in stock, which I'd prefer so I could go try it on. Based on what I've read and heard it wears much like a SKX, which has been a favorite of mine since I got it, so I'm rolling the dice.
My better half won't be super thrilled, but I just ordered up a watch as a Xmas gift for her. If she is really upset she might get it early!
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Seiko releases some of the coolest turtles in Malaysia and Thailand (some are very limited too). The SRPB01 is a nice one. It was quite popular in Thailand, and is accordingly hard to get.

So many cool Turtle models are available outside the US market, it’s obscene.

Took about 30 minutes. I didn't make it easy on myself.
OK I can't really say I had a fever for this... More like a scratchy throat. This is a 44mm Kenneth Cole fashion watch, skeleton automatic with a Chinese movement. I picked this up at a local TJ Maxx for $60, and I'm on the fence about keeping it. I've longbeen interested in adding a skeleton watch to my collection, but then really wonder how much wrist time it would get if I spent a lot on, say an Oris. A cheapie like this could satisfy the skeleton need at a low cost.

Pros are the low cost, easier to read than most skeletons I've seen with the white hands, 21 jewels with blued screws, and it's very comfortable on the wrist. Cons are that it's a bit big (but wears well and doesn't feel like it's 44mm), it's a fashion brand with a movement that may be low quality or unreliable in the long run, and the leather strap looks like it would be difficult or impossible to swap. Vote below if you think it's a keeper or I should return it.

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I'd go British made but simpatico.

I can't argue, I was also thinking Aston Martin.
So yesterday I went to day 1 of a 2-day multi brand watch event at Little Treasury Jewelers in Crofton, MD. I tried on this U Boat bronze Chrono diver. While the thing seemed massive (46mm x 18mm thick), it wore surprisingly well on the wrist. Honestly, I barely noticed it on my wrist, which I know sounds strange (of course, I do have 8" wrists). If I had $12K to spend on a watch (and after picking up higher priorities, such as the Breitling SOH and Omega AT), I could see going for this. Somehow it just worked. That said, I've never been impressed by or interested in U Boat watches until actually trying one on. Shows how important it can be to try before you buy. Something you might think you love might not be the thing, and something of no interest to you could be just the ticket.
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There's no way to direct or private message on here is there?
Here's an entire website devoted to counterfeit U-Boat watches: