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New Yorker Article & Watch Talk

Ran across this article a little bit ago and thought it was a good read; wanted to share with all you watch lovers and ask what kicked off your watch obsession? Cheers!
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For those of you interested, HODINKEE has Friday Live w/ Gary
Kaz, thank you, what a great read. In my sparked interest to wish to become a watch geek, even tho It was to live vicariously through a writers words , I greedily started reading without looking to see who the writer was, only to get to the end and see Gary Shteyngart's name. You could have knocked me over with a box of Vostocks. I've just finished his book, Absurdistan ! Loved that book and now understand why that piece of writing felt so familiar. Thank you again, and yes I'm sort of a watch geek , but only an apprentice.
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Kaz, at the bottom of that article is a list of some of his titles. Absurdistan is a book that I picked up at a charity book stall .I wouldn't go as far as to say it's his best, being the only one of his that I've read, but what drew me to his book was the sense of black humour talked about on the rear cover. That style of humour is prevalent in that article & certainly put a smile on my face. I'm a voracious reader with eclectic tastes, I wouldn't go as far as to say it's his best, everybody's choice is different, but I will admit to not being able to put it down once started. Each to their own. As the saying goes- "variety is the spice to life". Have a great day. cj
Hi Stainless, don't know if you remember warning me about the slippery slide down the rabbits hole , that's when I first joined MD- a few months back now- well the slide has slowed & ownership of horology related items has risen & made me ? my sanity. I describe myself as a budget priced purchaser, lets say I haven't cracked the 1k mark at this stage, as you said to me- it's not about the price, it's about passion" and mine has increased. I've always been drawn & fascinated by the "mechanical"aspect of things and of course watches are a prime example, plus I've always been drawn to how they look, their aesthetics- I like them as a personal expression to oneself and not as a 'look at me' item. The start of the day is, as you I think well know, decision time- it will rule how i feel for that day., & today, as many an R&B singer has sung- " I feel good". Apologies about the rant. Regards, cj
Today's choice. Homage to Rolex's original Sub- I believe.
Great post and article in general. Sadly? Dudes like me can't ever get watches without custom sizes. Meet me in public. Not a threat. That being said. No one takes into account big forearmed dudes. Some of us break the mold. MD is not to blame. Yet at the same time, let me tell you, if my arms didn't do what they do, who would pay for that? You think your watch or demands? No. So I avoid your stuff in this category as this comes from a man whose bones won't change due to conditioning. I am not the biggest guy, but I will challenge anyone to compare. Not an EGO off folks.
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There's lots of watches that have big dials/cases. Seiko makes lots, if you like the aesthetics of a diver then check out the Monster line. That said, I wouldn't say that the dial size should be much of a concern--smaller watches don't look bad. I wouldn't mind going down to 34mm, but for a larger wrist I'd say 42mm might be a good target, and most watches nowadays are 42 mm or bigger.
Pair your watches with nato straps, and you should be good. They tend to be made for larger circumferences, made to be worn over a diving suit. Agreed, finding a leather strap that'll fit would be hard, and a metal bracelet nigh impossible (unless $$$$), but hey, being on the opposite side of the spectrum, I've started making my own straps cause I was sick of getting straps that are always too big for my wrists.
Same here man, stopped by looking at trinkets and other stuff I don't need, and "accidentally" found the watch section. I've been a watch nerd for a long time, and didn't need another board frankly really, but I liked this one as it wasn't pretentious or just one brand, and seeing some of the pieces posted under wrist check are just gorgeous. And I like all watches, not just the big expensive Ones.
Stuck ever since, like you early AM mass fix.
Until Massdrop, I never knew custom keyboards was a hobby and passion, and I think some of them are pretty bad ass. I would have a serious serious problem if I wanted anything more beyond my homogenous, straight forward Apple keyboard (does it count if I have two keyboards I alternate? 😜)
Get a watch that makes you happy, smiles and sings to you. If you find one that does, trust me, you won't lose that one, and you will want to fix it when it needs it.
Cheers homie!
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