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What Kinds of Metal Won't Stain Clothes?

I was looking forward to buying a peanut flashlight and wearing it as a pendant when I paused to consider what might happen if I wore it with a white shirt. Because I'm allergic to nickel, I would wear the flashlight with a titanium chain, but unless the light were titanium as well, I'd have to wear it over my clothes. Which brings me to my question:
What kinds of metal won't stain a light shirt?
If none of the metals used for micro flashlights are stain-free, I'll resign myself to wearing a black shirt with a pendant-worn light whenever I hike.

All just shiny metal to many... I like the usb charger design they have.
Titanium is your best bet, very bio-compatible, non-staining unless you really work it and only a bit expensive. Other bio-compatible materials such as Niobium get even more $$ and never saw a flashlight made of it, just jewelry. Beyond this in 'true' bio-compatible you are moving into the Platinum-group metals; Ruthenium, Rhodium, Palladium, Osmium, Iridium, and Platinum - and now you are $$$ or Gold of course... The image is a Ruthenium ring, a nice soft grey luster, just searched for grins and giggles, we use Ru in manufacturing but never saw jewelry made of it before, nice, and the cost might be "if you have to ask, you can't afford"...
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It looks as though the pendant light is partly handmade and the brushed steel effect is something the gentleman who confects the CoreTi applies himself. Have you had any experience buying from MBI?
No experience, just did a quick search thinking someone must make them. Yes, they look to be craft-made in small batches in Japan. I would go for whichever one fits you best, but your Titanium chain, just make sure it can loop through. Japanese craft quality or Chinese mass junk, easy choice, but your money.