Sep 11, 2017

Watch Winders

Does anyone else here want to massdrop watch winders for your automatic watches? cause I do.
thumb_up, WatchDoctor, and 2 others

They have dropped winders in the past. The last ones I remember were Wolf winders, which I have no experience with. I have an Orbita winder and it's great. The model I have simulates wrist movement, so it doesn't matter which direction the rotor has to be turned to wind the mainspring. I think it's this one.
Oh ya, they did have wolf winders here before. Wolf are good,but they come with a price to match it, and if im right they were single piece units, maybe ill start a poll for dual units or 2+2(2 winder 2 holders) or 4 or 4+2 4+4
I think in order for this to be a more rounded watch site, a winder would be nice for those that want them. I personally don't use mine, but I think it would be a nice addition. That and a nice set of watch tools, and MD would be rounded