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Using Fedex SmartPost

Made my first and probally last purchase from Massdrop. Bought a pair of AGK headphones and was disappointed when I found out they use Fedex Smartpost which is the WORST possible shipping service. Being Fedex , they didn't disappoint , The headphone's were shipped from a location within 8 hours drive of my location and I watched as they moved farther and farther south away from my location then being Fedex fall into a black hole for 3 more days. The expected delivery date of coarse missed and now hoping they show up at some point. Love Massdrop but won't be ordering anything else unless I can be sure it's not shipped via fedex. They are the worst in my opinion
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The last time I was subjected to smartpost was an order for some pens for my gf. It was anothr seller not Massdrop but same shipping method. My order was supposed to CA-CHI.
what really happened was CA to Guam to HI back to Guam back to HI to CA to Vegas to outside of chicago To wrong PO to downtown main PO to wrong PO back to main hub finally to right PO then carrier tried to deliver to a business 3 times after 5pm
100% agree with you! I purchased a watch and was thrilled to see fedex on the shipping info....then I saw the dreaded SmartPost.
I would gladly pay and extra 5-8 usd for FedEx ground! Please make that an option!!!
FedEx Smartpost is absolutely terrible. My item its going to take 2 full weeks to get to me. I live in Seattle. I have ordered items from AliExpress and Penon Audio that were shipped later, went through two international customs offices and got to me several days before my MD item will arrive. SmartPost didnt take an awful long time to get to the Seattle area. In fact, it was in my state since Saturday, but my scheduled delivery is FRIDAY. It's been hopping up and down the Seattle area all week for who knows what reason.
Same, also in Seattle so every massdrop order takes almost exactly two weeks to arrive after waiting weeks for it to ship.
I've never had a problem with FedEx in my area. This is more of a regional issue though it seems. My issue is they say they can't ship to a PO Box. Then us Smart Post where the USPS finishes the delivery. Where I live the post office can't be bothered to deliver mail. So I have to walk to a post office to get my stuff because they can't pay a mailman to deliver inside the town limits. Note, I can also WALK TO THE NEAREST SERVICED MAILBOX!
I just realized they used Dumbpost when they shipped out my AKG-M220 Pros....and now the wait begins to see how they get from 50 miles away in New Jersey to my place in the North Bronx.....if I even get it at all (I average less than 50% receiving of my packages with this service, it's that bad!!)....My bet is it takes around 2 WEEKS, that's the average with that idiotic shipping "service". If this is Massdrop's idea of good service, I'll not be buying anything here anymore. This shipping farce is the worst in America, and anyone who uses it should be banned for life as they obviously don't care one bit about the customer.
Actually there is a worse delivery service, DHL, which was what they used before switching to FedUp.
I had something shipped DHL from Amazon even though I live in the US and it was a real tense time
I thought I'd check out Massdrop hub. A question on bikes, a suggestion for vamping community...... So far so good. And no sh-- a bitching session on shipping. OMG, do I have to skim all the shipping BS under discussions, and here it is again. This dude is whining about fedex,. Three sections down someone is whining about DHL. Here is the real kicker, ~I'm whining about the. whining! it's saturday night to boot. I am officially an loser, not just that but an OLD loser. God help me.
I'm also still waiting on my headset I purchased on the 12th. It was one of those items that ships out right away from their warehouse.
Tracking currently stopped 4 days ago "In transit to destination" :(
Package finally arrived. Remember use Fedex if you have a package you absolutely don't want to arrive on time!! The good news is the item I purchased arrived in good shape and only took about 8 days to get here from about 150 miles away. Thanks Fedex!
FWIW, the problem with FedEx Smartpost is typically in the transition between FedEx and USPS (who makes the final delivery). When I get things, the FedEx side typically goes very quickly, but then I wait forever for the USPS side of the equation to get the package to my town and make the final delivery.
Sometimes, I feel like FedEx drives past my town to deliver to a "designated" USPS receiving hub, which then ships it back past my town before it eventually gets to me. However, since most things I buy from MD take 3+ wks just to ship, the few extra days in Smartpost land isn't a big deal to me (I'm already waiting).
In any case, I'm sure YMMV depending on where it is shipped from and the final destination.
It's almost guaranteed for me if FedEx transfers to the post office in my town I will NEVER receive the package. After losing 3+ packages in a row this way, I had to ask Amazon to please stop shipping to me through them.
Latest update still not delivered!!! Wow! Can Fedex really be this incompetent! Going to wait another day or so then request a refund or re-ship
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How does offering paid alternatives to crappy free shipping increase your cost ? As I said you may prefer a free option no matter how long it takes and that's fine but not everyone is so concerned about saving that last cent that they wouldn't at least like to see a paid shipping option. Not everyone shops here exclusively to save any amount at any cost, you might but others don't.
Was curious about endorsement on an old thread and missed your reply before so thought I would answer now. Allowing options for shipping would increase overhead in many ways... examples would include:
1) Labor or software costs associated with changes to the site, accounts receivable/payable and inventory/tracking systems. 2) Loss of bargaining power for known quantity large volume shipping 3) Increased customer service costs as people experiencing issues with a wide variety of carriers will still reach out to Massdrop Support. Communicating with numerous shipping service departments would be less efficient than a singular or limited shipping carrier.
And where did you get the basis to assume I shop here exclusively? I make purchasing decisions in a fairly straightforward manner. I buy from the vendor with the best price, who will get me the product I want/need , provide a service level commensurate with the item I am purchasing while delivering it in the time frame that I require.
I've received packages from just about every carrier imaginable and they all suck in one form or another. The variance is always the employee delivering/handling your package and in this particular case you drew the short straw. Don't blame Massdrop, shit happens!