Sep 13, 20171171 views

SA Calm Depths live!

Calm Depths SA now live! The group buy is available here:
For those interested in the classic set in the original SA profile, this is a great opportunity. The "BACKSPACE" legend has been fixed to read correctly, as well as the kerning on the "SHIFT" keys.

LEZZARD, Odin_De, and 3 others

Gorgeous set. Wish I could get it for my Planck D:
Exciting to see some competition for SP. Hopefully more group buys will use them and make SP become competitive.
That's what I'm hoping for as well. It's also worth mentioning that MAXKEY ships in trays like GMK as well, so they're less likely to get beaten up in shipping.
Yeah I am happy with my R1 Portland set, even though it arrived missing a key. Mechanical keyboards sorted it out promptly though, they have really good CS.