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Taxes in Europe (Germany)

Hi guys,
I never bought anything from Massdrop, I live in germany and i wonder can some europeans help me about buying and taxing experince by customs. How much percent does Germany take from these products ? I want to buy that 1080 Ti GPU and my calculations say to me it will cost me around 580 EUR. How much tax/customs should i pay ? What will be my total price ?

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Good evening,
19% tax for sure. If customs have to be paid on top depends on the product(group), ... . Your best way to find out is to look up the phone number or mail of your "local" customs office (Bundesland/Bezirk) and ask. From my experience they're willing to help.
Viel Erfolg
I don’t live in the EU, but I certainly have to pay import tax when purchasing items and having them sent back to Canada.
(Our “gift” limit is $20, which is pathetic, but you have to deal with your pathetic traditionalist government. As a result of the limit, just about any item on Massdrop is taxable...)
This doesn’t necessarily apply to you, but what I’m saying is: you’re probably going to have pay tax on arrival.
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