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The Resurgence of American Watch Making...........

The U S of A was a global leader of the watch manufacturing industry from late 1800's to the 1940's having mastered the technology of mass producing exquisite timepieces . The Swiss watch makers were masters of watch crafting since the 1700's but lacked mass production expertise. With the advent of the World Wars the Swiss were quick to jump on the technology as USA got involved into the World Wars. As American watch manufacturers divested their capabilities towards producing arms and armaments, the Swiss who were neutral during the wars, capitalized on the american technology and became world leaders in horology producing watches for the masses. Leading American watch brands either moved production to Switzerland or were bought over by the Swiss thus bringing a sad end to American Watchmaking.
Since then, few and far USA watch makers have made watch movements and watches, mostly with varying degree of US origin components. Such timepieces, although coveted, are very high priced and hence beyond the reach of average Americans.
This is going to change soon..................
A Small Business Enterprise of Arizona, Zee Watch Group, is embarking on a ground breaking manufacturing project that will make the complex watch movements domestically. The production will be phased over a period of 2-3 years encompassing various degrees of US origin components to eventually offer a range of genuine "Made in USA" quartz, mechanical and smart watch modules at competitive values. Commencing in January 2018 a fully "Assembled in USA" product line will be available exclusively to the American Watch Brands enabling them make their timepieces in the USA and revive the American Watch Manufacturing Industry.
Your support is essential in making this dream come true.

MikeMD and StainlessOnly

I should note that RGM already makes great American-made mechanical movements. Their prices are quite high for in-house movements as their volume is low and they are made by hand in small quantities.

RGM's US assembled watches with Swiss movements are more reasonably priced. What would be truly great to see is an American company that can manufacture quality mechanical movements (such as an ETA 2824 clone to start with) in volume at reasonable prices.
RGM is fantastic, no doubt. Our endeavor is to make Movements in USA, quartz and mechanical, to suit an affordable watch that can retail between $200 to $600. Please await for our announcement soon for opening of the manufacturing project...... Cheers
I think at least a little skepticism shouldn't be surprising, considering that I would imagine that it would take much more than thousands of dollars to create the capability to manufacture watch movements in the US. However, despite my natural skepticism, I applaud any effort to revive true watch making in America.
For anyone truly interested in this topic, I encourage a visit to the National Watch and Clock Museum in Columbia, PA. Very inspiring to see what American clock and watch making once was. The Swiss and Japanese make great watches, but it would be nice to see the revival of brands that pick up the mantle of Ball, Hamilton, Gruen, Elgin, Waltham and others that once made great watches in the USA.

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The project we are putting together has an outlay of millions of dollars spread over three years. It is a result of a two year in depth study and a lot of toil and investment from our highly professional team. We need all the support from the community and a lot of encouragement as we put all our assets into bringing this dream to reality soon.
"Assembled in USA" like in made in China and put together in someone's garage in Arizona? Yes, sign me in.
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It's unfortunate that the hyperbole and less than forthright marketing, (and plain old dishonesty) of some recent big "Made in America" brands created such a negative aura in watch circles. I truly hope your endeavor and efforts play out for the best, not only for you, but for the watch communities, and the effort to bring genuine, American made time pieces back.
Thank you. It is our earnest desire and dream to do so. It has taken us two years of research, in depth study and finding the right technical partners plus thousands of dollars to make this happen. The project is on and our huge investment is staked.