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Oris ChronOris Date

This is a very cool and compelling piece from Oris. Saw these in the Basel 2017 posts early this year, and we finally have some hands on reviews out in the wild. Sellita 200, classic 39mm case.... pretty nice, and has a very cool retro look with the bullhead case and all.
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I just saw it in the metal and was impressed by the comfortably slim case, crisp dial, and the truer to original size. It was looking cool on a grey NATO, leather, and a 15 link, very shiny bracelet. It felt like holding a brand new '70s sports watch. I like it.
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Nope, I was at a watch fair! It was one of the few that caught my attention enough to warrant a wrist shot. Didn't know much about Oris before seeing them there.
Oris is a very nice brand, been cranking out fine time pieces for a long time. This one is no different... thanks for posting the wrist pic!
Just finished reading the article about this beauty on hodinkee. The size, Dial and case combination really digs.
I owned an Oris Classic about 10 years ago, one that I eventually gifted to a near and dear friend, thus kicking off his watch habit as well. A lovely watch, and a really good value actually. I've always liked what Oris was about.
Very cool I fell in love with Oris believe it or not after watching the movie Constantine, in which the lead actor Keanu Reeves is wearing a classic white dial leather strap Oris with a black suit and white shirt. It looked so good.
Yeah very cool looking Oris. I am a big fan of Oris Having the TT1 and Aquis Date plus a vintage military piece
How are things and the cleanup coming along friend?
Slowly but surely my friend. Very nice of you to ask. I didn’t realize the extensive damage a few inches of water in a house could do. Still, my family was blessed as some families had feet of water in their homes. Luckily we had flood insurance and although the process is long everything will hopefully be taken care of. Stay well and I truly appreciate you checking on us. Like I have always said..”watch guys are great people”.
Love the sizing and the overall "vintage driving" design.
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