Jul 12, 2016

Looking for headphones for gaming

Like the title says im looking for a pair of headphones to use for gaming, I have a budget of 150 euro.

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HiFiman 4XX Beats 6XX for gaming.
$50 more and you got yourself an HD6XX, but if that's the maximum budget, HD58x for $149.
Could wait for the HD 6xx to drop again
Get something non-sealed if you are gonna use it at home. Because imaging is better on those style of headphones over sealed ones.
I personally use the Audio Technica ATH-M40X with a ModMic 5. It cost me about 150 euros in total. Great mic quality and great audio for the price.
Just an FYI... the Sennheiser PC37X is like an HD 599, with a boom mic, for a crazy good price. These models have a touch more sub-bass than the HD 598, and while they aren’t trunk-rattling-bass-cannons, the PC37X is surprisingly fun for music as well as being great with spacial imaging (especially with surround processing). The $120 Massdrop price is frankly amazing, about half the price of the MSRP on the PC373D they are based on (main difference is the cable and colors).

The Astro A40 are... ok, but they’re half the headphone of the Sennheiser's. Both have soft pads, but the A40’s feel rougher, and the headset is heavier. The bass on the A40 is also much looser, and everything is less detailed and blurred in comparison. The matte plastic on the PC37X feels more premium, and the looks are more understated and mature. The only reason I might like the Astro bundle is for their decent Mixamp Pro, which uses an optical input (if your console still has that) to change Dolby Surround into Dolby Headphone, and make a surround sound that works with any stereo headphone... but you can also do that processing with a few other devices.

My first full-sized headphones were the Audio Technica AD700 (Purple Slayer!!), and they’re pretty much the opposite of the Astro A40. Great value for the dollar when I got them for $80 (good luck doing that now), amazing detail, crispness, soundstage and imaging, with a light touch on the tight bass. Yes, these headphones have bass, but it’s like an underfed bone-y bass, which does take away emphasis from non-tactical sounds but I’ve found it is entirely possible for a headphone to have good imaging and a balanced amount of bass. The AD700 was also easy to power and not require strong amps to present good positional depth. Ultimately, to use a gaming term, this is a min-max Headphone, which sacrificed a couple things to meet a very specific, colored result.

The Fostex T50RP mk III is a nice sounding headphone... but it also is the least efficient, hardest to drive Headphone I have ever used in my personal collection. the iPhone 6S has/had decent audio above most laptop and android phones (the recent LG phones could be the exception) and a stronger amp, but at max volume it was only just reaching my normal listening volumes... and some recordings were still too quiet. Meanwhile, the PC37X sounds great at 50% or one notch below.
consider that fact if you don’t have an amp yet and intend to connect straight to a motherboard or controller. The looks and comfort still apply here... if you’re going to enjoy any gaming marathons, that’s really important.

I also have an HD 800, HD 599, AKG K712 and K612, and honestly so many more headphones. The other option from that group that I could consider recommending is the K612, which was my main gaming and musicheadphone for years... but I am of the opinion that the PC37X is more comfortable, and a more complete package with the mic and detachable cable. I still have the K612, but I haven’t listened to it since, like... March this year? It still remains a great headphone, I just don’t reach for it.

My main headphone right now is the HD 800 (if you’ve got something like that, it’s hard not to keep coming back to it!), but the PC37X is still so easy and optimal for gaming that I usually game with that.
seinnheiser pc37x on MASSDROP. good sound quality and integrated flip up/flip down microphone.
I own a pair


ModMic5 is a good microphone that you can attach to your headphones if you already have it.
Sennheiser HD 598
I second this opinion, if you can manage to find them for that price. The sound quality is amazing, SUPER comfortable (I wear them literally all day, every day) and has excellent imaging (hearing where sound comes from).
Like the HD 598? Me too! Would you be interested in a tasteful touch of added sub bass? Integrated mic? No twist-lock on the cable? PC37X, $120.
X00 are awesome for gaming I use them or my isine 20s when I game
with that budget ATH700x comes to mind. Purely for gaming, as it lacks good bass extension.
It's tough to recommend audiophile quality headphones at that price point. The only one that comes to mind is Fostex T50RP MKIII. These are great for gaming specially 3D location is important for your game. They produce a very accurate audio image, they are pretty easy to drive, and are also great for music. There are various boom mic attachments you can get for this headphone also if chat is important to your gaming.
SomeRandomGamer The pads though are extremely thin, which can lead to fatigue if wearing them for long hours. They remind me of my ATH-M50's, at first I could barely stand to wear them for even reasonably short periods of time. Luckily those stretched out fast enough, because the clamping force was a big part of the equation, but when I got my DT770 Pros I realized what I was missing out on in ear pad land.

Check out ZReviews' review on youtube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yqm50k-PK30
I don't know how MD is about sharing links but this is a pretty good guide for gaming audio (includes mics as well). I have the AKG K712 pros and they work well for isolating footsteps and are really comfortable, even with glasses on.
that post has been deleted

I think he deleted the old post and created a more updated one. For future reference, check out the subreddit. It only has guides posted.