Sep 29, 2017

Massdrop Version of Sennheiser HD 25?

Has anyone at Massdrop thought about creating a collaborative version of the Sennheiser HD 25? Team members could confect a dark blue plastic model, or finesse and fine-tune the HD 25 Aluminum (not the Amperior; I'm talking about the proper HD 25 with fully detachable cable, etc.).
Comparison review king |Joker| of TheHeadphoneList gives the HD 25-1 his highest rating ( I once spoke with him about his background as an audio engineer because I'm an old-time studio musician who has found that the HD 25-1 might be the only DJ headphone that can be used in studios for basics and overdubs. |Joker| seemed to agree.
I'm always recommending versions of the HD 25 to friends. It would be nice if I could bring those friends to Massdrop on the strength of a special edition with a reasonable price.

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