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Take Me Straight to "Drops"... ENOUGH with the "Discover" BS

Perhaps I'm missing something, but it would be really nice if the site gave me the option/preference to go straight to the "Drops" tab when selecting a community. Yes, I realize it is only one additional click for each community page I visit. But I have no use for the annoyingly Pinterest-like hodge podge of the "Discover" tab. I'm not interested in what's polling that will probably never get offered. I don't care what someone else is writing with, listening to, wearing on their wrist or using to hold up their pants.
Yeah, I know, I'm not playing nice and fully engaging in the Massdrop "community." I'm just here to find deals on cool stuff I want.
Simply let me get to the active drops so I can quickly scan what's new and about to expire.
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JUST NOW thinking the same thing. Vailed ads and market research is all Hub is.
I feel the same way. This is one of my first posts, and I'm not a community type of person, to be honest. Fully understand the point of the site , but I get frustrated with the polling and other menial things encountered. No biggie, not like I'm going anywhere else for the Massdrop deals, but I do support your idea :)
It would be very convenient, half the things I vote on never get to the drop stage anyways.
It would be a great so I can quickly see what new drops there are or to just brose what they actually have to sell me. I enjoy seeing the communities opinions and polls on the items they would like to have. But primarily I am here to find quality goods at a markdown I wouldn't be able to achieve.
The community is cool and all but I'm trying to spend my money and I much rather would to to other places to window shop orally because I have to press to buttons Everytime to see the drops page.
I understand I can see all my subscribed drops at once, but I like to do the window shopping thing in categories, I see myself more and more in Amazon, wish, geek, woot, and even eBay more then massdrop. When I'm just trying to look at what is available to me massdrop isn't my go to site.
I've tried the polls and to wait, but honestly it feels like a waiting game that you don't necessarily always win it's frustrating when a product that was voted first isn't a drop but the product voted third gets a drop. It's very defeating. I would rather just have the drop page as an option to be first. No disappointment easier to window shop
As one of the people who helped make massdrop a community website through interviews and feedback, I think you are missing the point of the site. This is a hobby site, where a bunch of geeks get together to celebrate their passions through buying products and talking. With that said, I do think it would be nice for people like you who aren't interested in the community aspect to be able to skip stuff. But it's not really worth it to add that since as you stated it's literally one button click.
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Im happy that you could see my point of view, it's always nice when adults actually talk like adults on the internet and I appreciate that :>
boy, do I wish I could give you, like, 100 endorsements for your remark! had to make do with just the one. but.... you know how I feel in my heart.