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Do you celebrate Mid-Autumn festival?

In some Asia country such as China, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam (where Jelly Key bases) we celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival (harvest festival). Each nation has their own name for the festival like in Vietnam we call it Tết Trung Thu.
There are four symbols of the holiday: The Moon, The Moon Cake, The Rabbit Moon and The Lion Dance.

Our childhood is filled with the memories of Mid-Autumn Festival. It inspires us to design and handcraft Mid-Autumn festival themes.
First, we worked with paper and pencil to draw the concept, then is tool and clay to make the prototype. Then cast the first keycap with resin, silicon. All of the keycap (except the moon cake) is hand painted, pieces by pieces.


The Moon Cake, always play an essential role in the Mid-Autumn Festival as a requisite treat. As a grown-up, we eat it together with family and friend.
The Lion Dance express joy, happiness and good luck. The Lion Dance also plays an important role in the consecration. We are not a great dancer like those who control the lion, but we can always get ourself a Lion head to celebrate the festival. Now we make a keycap with a shape of Lion's head.
The Moon Rabbit is a simple of the Festival as well, they live on the moon and appear in many folktales.
And lastly, under The Moon, we celebrate the festival with friends and family.
To celebrate with mechanical community, we create some artwork of the Keycap with the Mid-Autumn Festival themes. The model for photo shoots was made with paper, and Japan clay then paint it with brush and oil paint.

From Jelly Key, we would love to wish you the fullest Mid-Autumn Festival



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I missed the chance to group buy them!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is there any way that I can get them maybe?????? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaase! T T
No, we not re-run ^^. But we are running another group-buy, you can see and get them for this halloween:
I bought the LION~~~
Fantastic :D
Thank you for sharing! The bunnies are especially cute :D
The Prototype :)
Always beautiful caps. I am in for them! And thank you for the story related to each piece. ;)
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I have never been disappointed Jelly Key. ;) You have always provided me with such beautiful and well made caps that you have earned my respect and loyalty. Look at my current board, it is waiting on some more caps from you. It is so hungry. Your rooster caps need some friends. I think the rabbit will fit perfectly in and the moon. Maybe a cake too. :D
Thank you so much, my friend ^^
Can't wait to see these in person! :DD
Hope you like it :)
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