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Decisions decisions :\

Tudor Pelagos or Rolex Submariner No-Date

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If I could I'd go with the Pelagos for the color scheme and bit more unique-ness. From a financial standpoint though the Sub as well as because of the 904L w oyster bracelet is always a plus.
Not sure the exact nature of your question, but if I had to choose one, it would probably be a Pelagos at this point for me. It’s different, it’s a newer brand so to speak, and still has a lineage to Rolex. They make some terrific looking watches that are new, yet familiar.
Now if your asking about either of these in a drop, its not very likely these brands will be seen on MD.
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Ahh right. My main concern here is usage too really. I do want a divers in the collection, something quite high end. I already have had a few from Seiko, Orient and a Seamaster. But I am looking for that iconic look which both watches do have. However my use probably wouldnt justify the amount I pay. Though it would be good for the collection. My next pick up will be a Speedmaster Pro ref 005. But Divers after that.
You’ve got to get the watch that speaks to you friend, and frankly, either one is a safe choice for a diver. I will say though, that if you desire a Submariner, then that is what you get. There is only one Rolex Submariner, plain and simple.
I’m quite fortunate to have the pieces and opportunities I do when it comes to watches, but I have to say that the costs of some modern stainless steel watches is getting silly. I understand it’s what the market will bear, but we are talking non noble metal watches here. I can get precious metal Rolex models frequently for less than the stainless models. That is crazy, but it’s just an opinion.
show off the speedy when you get it.... lots of speedy fans around here
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