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Where to buy HMT watches?

Hey guys,
So recently I've started a new job that requires me to dress up a bit, much more than i'm used to. Along with this, as a sort of unspoken rule, I need a timepiece as well. That's pretty much my humble introduction into the world of watches.
Anyway, just browsing Ebay, I find myself drawn to these HMT watches, and I understand they have a bit of history behind them. Ebay has re-serviced, potentially non-oem pieces, which I've purchased two of, but my question is where can I buy HMT new?

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Congrats on the new job! It's has a charm and excitement when your moving up the ladder, and a nice time piece is certainly a part of the expression (Along with cuff links and a nice pen perhaps at some point)
The Watch division of HMT was effectively closed 3 years ago. You maybe able to acquire NOS through various channels or perhaps in India itself if your really hunting them. As far as the pedigree and provenance of said pieces, that is obviously a certain risk only you can decide on though. Truthfully, if the ones your scoring off ebay work, and work well, stick with them. Of course, dependent on your budget, there is a broad scope of time pieces for every budget that come in dressier looking.
Yeah, it's not that I mind the eBay pieces, it's was just out of curiosity. Thanks for the reply :)
I think what draws me to HMT the most is their back story. I have a month or so until the ones I ordered get to me.
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