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Review + a chance to win a free kinera h3 !

hello guys. I have been requested by kinera to post this review for you guys on massdrop.
Here is my review of the product, make sure to watch the full video for a chance to win !
special entry for massdrop users: comment and like this post for extra 2 entries !

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Look interesting how is the durability on those iem’s
They look like ear/eye candy. I'm a sucker for red/white motifs. Thanks for sharing!
Thank you, they look great!
You do good work SOULSIK. Keep it up!
Give it to me bro. I reviewed.
Look great on that color
They look expensive and soft with good quality, last long. Hope I can experience the quality of sound of the merchandise. Hope that this will work for Google pixel 3 XL . I don't mind having one something with good quality and last long that works for all my technology. Thanks for sharing
I want it pleas pleas
Great review! Good looking design, hopefully build quality is sturdy without sacrificing sound resonance & performance.
I WANT IT I WANT IT I WANT IT Did I say I want it? I WANT IT IN MY EARS! Oh and... Its red like the blood in my arteries. There. I said something fancy. I WANT IT!
Classic ^_^
They look delicious
Great review, Good video
Damn good review my man!
They look great and the ergonomics is awesome.
They look great
Aesthetically beautiful! Thoughtfull designed!
great review, these are some sexy iems
Aesthetically, and as I imagine, acoustically pleasing as well.
Very impressive in the casing aesthetics and indeed 3 drivers for this price is few and far between. Would be a good opportunity to weigh it against my AAW A3Hs if fate smiles brightly.
Truly aesthetic, high quality headphones. This is my first time seeing the Kinera H3's, or even seeing anything from this company, truly impressed from a far, I wonder what they're like in person.
its so very pretty <3
I will pick up a set for myself. Looks like my cup of tea. I'd love to win a set for the wife. She is now getting interested in quality IEM's and headphones.
Very nice review. Informative and interesting.
Great looking monitors! Can't wait to hear them!
I really like the shape and style - question is whether it plugs into your apple devices