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Place Your Votes in the Keycap Set Design Contest!


Stay tuned to learn who won the contest

The designs are in. Now it’s time to choose your favorite.
First of all, we want to thank everyone for submitting their designs and taking part in what we hope is a new method of bringing keycap sets to life designed by the community. There were over 80 eligible designs submitted for this contest and we can see this growing as we do this again in the future. And it’s all made possible by you, the community. We really are blown away and appreciate everyone’s feedback and participation. Lastly, thanks for being patient and understanding as we've processed everyone's designs as we've reached out to a lot of you. It's a lot of work but you guys have made it easy. Thank you.
This is a new process for us so definitely want to hear from you. What do you think works? What do you think needs improving? This contest, and contests like it, aren’t possible without input from the community so let us know in the discussion below or shoot us a note at communitykeyboards@massdrop.com (we fixed the email. It works now.). Many of you let us know what you think already, and we’re doing our best to reply to everyone.
That being said, it is now time to vote! VOTING SETUP Going into this contest we really had no idea how many designs we were going to get. We’ve received all kinds of sets for this contest, but ultimately, only one can win. So here’s what we’re going to do…
Since we have so many designs, we want to make sure that we can surface everyone’s work and still keep the voting as fair as possible. We’re breaking up all of the designs at random into 4 groups, and then the top winner of those 4 groups will go on to the final round in which a winner will be declared.
DATES · Voting Round 1 (4 groups) Begin: 10/5 1:00PM PST · Voting Round 1 (4 groups) End: 10/7 11:59PM PST · Voting Round 2 (4 finalists) Begin: 10/9 1:00PM PST · Voting Round 2 (4 finalists) End: 10/11 11:59PM PST

PLACE YOUR VOTES We’ve set up some Google Forms to allow everyone to place their vote in each group. We’re making every effort to make sure that all the votes are legitimate and will not allow any fraudulent attempts to game votes. We have to be diligent while remaining fair.
· One vote per group (4 votes total)
· Enter your info accurately (First Name, Last Name, MassdropUsername, Massdrop e-mail)
· We’ll be monitoring closely to ensure a fair voting process.
Here are the links to the votes for each group! Remember to vote in each one.
· GROUP A: http://dro.ps/groupa (CLOSED)
· GROUP B: http://dro.ps/groupb (CLOSED)
· GROUP C: http://dro.ps/groupc (CLOSED)
· GROUP D: http://dro.ps/groupd (CLOSED)
Here's the top 5 finalists in each group, broken down by percentage of the total votes:
GROUP A - FINALISTS 1st - “GMK Neighbor” by Chisong Oh: 16.2% 2nd - “Monokai” by Jonas Schmöle: 12.8% 3rd - “GMK Phantom” by Briano G.: 12.0% 4th - “Season of the Witch” by Lennart Niemelä: 11.8% 5th - “Master Yoda” by Chang Muni: 5.6%
GROUP B - FINALISTS 1st - “808” by Chris Castronero: 17.3% 2nd - “Extended 2048” by Louis Burgard: 11.3% 3rd - “Tropical Ocean” by Tim Martin: 10.9% 4th - “90s kids DSA” by Mschivou5: 10.7% 5th - “Bounty Hunter” by Holten Campbell: 8.3%
GROUP C - FINALISTS 1st - “2077” by Gary Lim: 15.5% 2nd - “Sanderson” by Juan Herrera: 9.8% 3rd - “GMK Gore” by Neil Ramirez: 8.5% 4th - “Bolt of Blue” by Daniel Lacatusu: 7.6% 4th - “Copper and Brass” by Micky Faas: 7.6%
GROUP D - FINALISTS 1st - “White Space” by Art Delano: 14.0% 2nd - “GMK SULLY” by Cody Severtson: 10.5% 2nd - “GMK Wāpuro” by Kyle Bares: 10.5% 3rd - “Old Calculator” by Yousuke Ikeda: 9.9% 4th - “Ember” by Zach K.: 9.8%


GROUP A · “XDA Melon” by Sen Lin · “Beige Hero” by Reece Conrad · “Arcade” by 허영현 · “Lavender” by Cassidy Williams · “Monokai” by Jonas Schmöle · “Barcelona” by Ho Lan Nguyen · “Violet Butterfly” by Pentan · “Cyber Dreamin’” by Christopher Snyder · “Season of the Witch” by Lennart Niemelä · “Borderline” by David Power · “Sugarbomb” by Aleksi Cohen · “Hardarbeit” by Kunal Kumar · “Goldworms” by 김재근 · “Iron Tiger” by Lokman Leung · “SKIDATA++” by Dongsik Jeong · “GMK Neighbor” by Chisong Oh - FINALIST · “GMK Fanny Pack” by Jackie Huang · “GMK Phantom” by Briano G. · “DSA Grapevine” by Ian Shields · “Master Yoda” by Chang Muni · “Transistor” by Daniel Sheehan
GROUP B · “808” by Chris Castronero - FINALIST · “Spice” by Nate Wootton · “Zissou” by Dylan Shepard · “Cyanide” by Brian Murray · “Verde Gradient” by Travis Austin · “To the Bat Cave” by James Young · “DSA Firewatch” by Bart Vergeer · “Extended 2048” by Louis Burgard · “GMK Night” by Parhelion Heart · “90s kids DSA” by Mschivou5 · “Crimson Pilot” by David Berg · “Mystic” by Fouras · "Slasher” by John Bossley · “DSA Windbreaker” by Megan Chomskis · “Dolomite” by Astral Team · “Grey and Blue” by Andrew Boucher · “Bounty Hunter” by Holten Campbell · “GMK Fluffy Unicorn” by Desmond Tsang · “Splash of Color” by Austin Koontz · “Tropical Ocean” by Tim Martin
GROUP C · “GMK Fortune” by Darin Kishore · “Space Ranger” by Alfie Wild · “DSA Poseidon” by Lân Nguyễn · “Bolt of Blue” by Daniel Lacatusu · “SSK Industrial” by Tomas DeLuna · “Sanderson” by Juan Herrera · “DSA Dune Drifter” by Evan Tungate · “GMK Pineapple” by Jep Flores · “Prefect DSA” by Michael · “GHOSTBUSTIN” by Leon Mok · “2077” by Gary Lim - FINALIST & WINNER · “Jing Fang” by Last Brat · “GMK Print” by Jieming You · “Copper and Brass” by Micky Faas · “Dark Sky Base” by ROCAPS · “Silicon Circuits” by Scott McCoy · “Get Schwifty” by Miles Ray · “MATRIX” by Carlos Lafarga Priego · “Yosemite” by Keegan Paul Lanzillottta · “GMK Gore” by Neil Ramirez
GROUP D · “BITLUDER RC PICCOLINE INSPIRED” by Rasmus Berlin · “SLAM DUNK” by Yasin Tahir · “Mangosteen” by Ferdi Oktaviano · “Pathway to the Stars” by Jeremy Birch · “Desert Sunset” by Robert Matthews · “GMK Dip ” by Bektour Ryskeldiev · “Ember” by Zach K. · “GMK SULLY” by Cody Severtson · “Rhodia” by Craig Forrester · “Cuddly Bear ” by Nicholas Diesslin · “GMK Wāpuro” by Kyle Bares · “Cheddar Cheese” by Boi Kang · “Milky Way” by Jeje · “GMK WEIHNACHTEN” by George Lerdal · “GMK Buster” by Sandy Pirouzi · “Seasonal” by Derek Allman · “White Space” by Art Delano - FINALIST · “Old Calculator” by Yousuke Ikeda · “Royal Providence” by Avery Segaw · “Witchy” by Ian O'Dea
If we’ve gotten any of your design names or personal names wrong, please let us know and we’ll correct it immediately. It won't affect your votes if we need to make any changes. It’s important to us that we get it right, and if we find that a name or design needs to change along the way because of any copyright issues, we’ll make sure to communicate that clearly and promptly.
We will update this Talk Post when the winners of each group are declared. We will also prepare a final Google Form so people can vote on them.

See the original Keycap Set Design Contest Talk Post here:

Best of luck to everyone! It’s in our utmost interest to make sure this process is a success and that we can do it again. If your design doesn’t win, fear not, it won’t be the last chance you get to bring it to life.
gzou, KNO56, and 22 others

It's time! We can finally announce the winner. We've gotten through the initial paperwork and now we're working hard to bring this design to life. I'll keep you all updated as we get closer to launching the official drop for this keycap set.
Congratulations to... *dramatically long drum roll... GARY LIM! The designer behind "2077".
On behalf of all of us here, we want to thank the community for getting behind this, participating, voting, and submitting your designs. There's obviously more than one winner in this group, and we're very much looking forward to doing this again soon. I've said it a million times, but it's true.
And keep sending us your feedback. We've seriously read through every comment and e-mail and note left via the Google Forms and we're taking it all to heart. We obviously want to improve upon this entire process from start to finish.
Big questions for us right now are the voting round(s) and keeping the next contest to one profile (i.e. DSA only) or not.. Anyway, many of you have let me know already, but keep your comments coming.
Stay tuned for the next updates in this process. We're making our preparations as we speak and I'll let you all know when we have some more news.
THANK YOU, (All of us at) Massdrop
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This is a good thing! cause if people start now they can build some serious hype for there set.. could you seen something like Laser if it was in the contest.. It been no contest at all "chuckles"
Yeah, hard to compete with a freggin' Laser. hah.
Hey guys! We have a great update for you. Based on feedback from the community and making it easier to manufacture, 2077 is now going to be DSA. Would love to hear thoughts on this, but ultimately, we feel this is the best way to make this set more widely available.
We're preparing renders, prepping kits, and building the drop page so stay tuned for more updates as we get closer to when this set becomes available.
Any news/updates on preparing the drop page? I know not much time has passed since your post about it being DSA, but I can’t wait to see the renders!
Honestly, I'm dying to see the renders as well. It's alot of back and forth right now, but we're definitely learning as we go with this. The drop page is basically in skeletal form, it really just comes down to final details and renders at this point. This post will be the first to know when it goes live.
Folks... we have a winner. We're going to process votes this morning and begin reaching out to the winning designer. Once we confirm the winner, which obviously involves some paperwork, I'll make the official announcement. I'll keep everyone as updated as possible while this process takes place. I'm dying to tell you as much as I'm sure you're all dying to know who it is so bear with us!
ALSO.. I've said it a few times, but we really, really, really want to thank everyone for taking part in this contest which should be the first of many more to come. Some of you entered, some of you just voted, and many of you gave us loads of valuable feedback which we've made diligent notes from.
Even the idea of this wouldn't be possible without such an involved community so seriously, thank you. And it's still not too late to let us know what you think about how this has gone so far so let me know. Tag us, e-mail us, whatever you like, but we're listening closely because we want to do this better.
ANYWAY. Stay tuned and we'll be updating you as soon as literally possible.
- Massdrop Team
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Not yet. Soon. I really, really, really want to announce but simply have to wait.
This is so great! This set would work for my Ajazz too with those 1.25 and 1.75 keys which would be a friggin godsend
To be clear... we are still waiting for the winner to be announced? I have not had coffee yet, brain not functioning as desired.
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Another good lesson if there's another contest - build in a good week or two for paperwork. ;)
We literally did! Wish I could give a more fruitful update in the meantime..
Fingers crossed 2077 (^:
It happened
Congrats to the winners! And for those interested, I think I'll try to find a way to bring DSA Sanderson to life :)
Would love if you entered your design next time.
Please do! I *really* liked the colorway!
It made me think of a beach in late autumn when the air is cold, the ocean is dark and the light is faint.
The 4 winners are great looking sets. However was an easy choice to pick 2077. 808 and Whitespace look great, but both would have problems with a lot of layouts, additionally are windows-only. Love the Neighbor set, but would have prefered either all graphical modifiers or at least meta/super/command keys.
This was 5 hours ago, but the voting form is still accessible. Or is it a time zone thing?
I need to manually shut it off. Any votes that come in after the deadline are subtracted. We'll process the votes today and begin reaching out to the winner. :)
Suggestions for next contest: • Let people vote for their top N at each stage, and maybe weight the votes. (For example: N=3 votes. 1st = 8 pts, 2nd = 4 pts, 3rd = 2 pts). • First round, everyone votes on all sets as a single group. • Second round is top half of first round. Third round is top half of second, etc. • I agree with @Kiryu, limit each contest to one profile.
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That's why I suggested Maxkey! They have fixed their kerning issues. I think they are now becoming an alternative to SP.
I wouldn't mind seeing a JTK drop in cherry? I know there cheaper alternative that isn't shown much love. Getting a sub 100 dollar set that has full coverage for lots and lots of boards might be pretty popular. Assuming JTK could handle the numbers Massdrop would most likely be able to generate.
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Interesting there was such a clear winner in each group.
I agree, and I was bit surprised.
Looking at this I must say that this once again proves true originality is phased out with mass voting.
All that is left is the bland.
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Though I will say I'm happy with what we got and can't wait for next time. I think we'll see some of these designs return.
How did you decide which set was in which of the four groups at the very beginning?
Are there pictures available of all sets? I'd like to see what we missed out on!
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Honestly, I'd be fine with an imgur album. It doesn't need to be fancy. Thanks for listening!
Boom. Great idea. So obvious too haha
Meh. I voted for one of the finalists, but none are from my votes in groups 1-4, hence you won't get any of my $. I'm rather disappointed at this stage.
I want to say something about my keycap design philosophy, may be can help when the next contest start. The first is the colours, do not too bright or too dark, because the keycap is long time in front of your eyes, too rich colors will make people tired, so as far as possible use of harmonious colors, such as T3's CARBON is a very good sample. Second is the theme, please try to explore the depth of the topic as much as possible, and do some interesting novelties, to avoid use of copyrighted LOGO, and can produce is also very important, some complicated pattern can't make by Double Shot. The third is unique, if the colours and themes are common, people will lose the desire to buy it. Welcome feedback!
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And seriously, please think about my "master yoda" :P Star Wars fans will like it :D
I'm wondering if a poll ahead of the contest to decide which profile the community preferred first would've helped? Or make the first contest for GMK, next one DSA, and so on... -------
Not a bad idea. 🤔
Many of you have asked to see the votes. I'll post the top 5 from each group in the talk post above to show how the runners-up landed. Honestly, we've learned alot from doing this contest so far, and I personally appreciate everyone's patience and participation along the way as we iron things out.
And to those who didn't officially win their group, we hope to see you again in future contests. There were honestly so many great designs and we're looking forward to the next time we do this.
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damn. 2nd in the group! I knew I should've posted it to geekhack!
Post that $#!+ everywhere man!
There seems to be a mistake, the google voting states 2077 by Gary Lim to be GMK twice. Shouldn't it be DSA like stated here in the top picture of the finalists?
This might be confusing and lead to "wrong" voting.
Have a nice day
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Thanks! I'm changing my vote (sorry, I like the 2077, but hate cylindrical profiles...)
You do you, my friend. Anyone can change however many times they like before midnight (PST) tomorrow.
Not even going to scroll down to see how many times this has been suggested already, but for the next design contest like this, I'd highly recommend putting all the designs in one "group" and having people choose their 4 favorites. For example, nothing in Group A jumped out at me, but I had to pick from what I felt were 3 very strong designs in Group C. If everything were taken together (I realize it would be a lot for people to look through, but still), I think we'd see a very different set of finalists.
Having said that, congrats to the four finalists and thank you to everyone who submitted a design. The input from the community is just awesome and I can't wait for the next contest.
Where is GMK Wapuro? :c
Tied for 2nd in Group D!
Not trying to be a dick or raise drama but i think this vote system is not working. I understand that different people might have different opinions but knowing the community, the final sets doesn't seems to be the best in the bucket and i still can't understand how these sets won. The only legit set that might have won his group becuase people liked it is the "808" by Castonero, eventually "2077" is acceptable because unique.
For the others, i don't really know if they went popular somewhere to get many votes or if the vote was abused, i just don't feel these are the best, neither closely good sets. I would really like to see the vote numbers. Meh...
#Salty #HowGMKPhantomLost
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Ofc, but 1-1.5k purchases is different from 300-400
Group C was the one I had trouble with as well. It contained the majority of the designs I was drawn to.
Will all of these come in planck and colevrak?
Some of the designs had these layouts in them, but the above ones do not seem to. I'm hoping they will add support for ortho and other layouts too.
@livingspeedbump replied in one of my earlier comments on the question regarding additional kits: "This drop is essentially banking on a new set + new designer getting to get a set made quicker than not, but that also means skipping the (normal) interest check process. Since this is a "shortcut" in a way, these are the kits that will be used as they cover 90% of the most popular boards and layouts. Should the winning set be successful and do well, I'm sure down the road in a run 2 happens the designer could add many more kits with the right amount of interest.
If the kits like colemak/dvorak or split boards, etc be a requirement I would strongly just recommend hitting the forums with a real interest check and doing a set that way!"
voting for Neighbour so I can toot my own horn about helping the guy out with the novelties!
love 2077 though, phenomenal looking set!
Can confirm. 🙌
My Master Yoda was beaten by an adorable small creature :P
thank you!! thank you every one! Thank you for helping us reach the final. GMK Neighbor
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Yeah, GMK LedZep is a good example. They have an R2 1U tab key and an R4 2U blank and a few others that work with 40% boards.
I guess since voting ends tomorrow, it would be something to do if you win the contest. Good luck tomorrow!
2077 was the one set that really screamed unique, creative, and interesting as soon as I saw it. As far as colorways go I really enjoyed Phantom and would love to see it have a run of its own someday.
GMK Neighbor, plagiarism of "My Neighbor TOTORO" used animation's charactor and images.
If the novelty image is a problem, i will change it.
I used Totoro as a motif.
Not really. The actual set just has some novelties inspired by the film, there's nothing explicitly lifted from it. It's like saying Pulse SA is a plagiarized work based off of Omron medical devices because it uses similar symbols on the novelties.
Wow thanks to everyone who voted for 808!
Voted for it again in the finals. Was my favorite of all entries. Fingers crossed!
Thanks doc!
well is there studio ghibli know about this?
표절에 걸릴만한 사유가 있다면 노벨티 캐릭터일텐데 저게 문제 될일이라면 수정할 생각 있습니다 굳이 여기까지 와서 이러시는 이유를 모르겠네요. 키랩 관련된건 다 까고 싶으신건지.. 제가 로캡님 라세 40만원에 사자마자 100만에 되팔이 한다라고 쿨엔에 떠벌리고 다니기라도 했나 왜그러시나 생각이 드네요
May we see the breakdown of the first round votes? I would love to know how close a classy keyset such as GMK Phantom was to the finals.