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Most fun knife to handle/play with?

I'm kicking this off by nominating my new Spyderco PM2. The pivot glides like a buttered swan, and the compression lock and oversized Spydey hole give me 4 different ways to open it. This is cocaine for my fingers.
What's yours?

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Serge Panchenko G&G Hawk Orbit. Only a flipper but boy is that mechanism fun.
Randall Model 1 just came in (5-year wait)
Very nice! I got a blackjack model 7 in cpm 3v and it’s great. Maybe one day I’ll pull the trigger on a randall
Wait--I forgot about my favorite beer and tequila knives!

I have a few Don Julio shots, wash 'em down with a couple of cold cervezas--and then practice my juggling skills.

Great fun!

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I can't decide if it would be safer if you juggled the tequila and swallowed the knives.
Juggling with expensive liquor bottles is just plain crazy!
I wouldn't brag about your illicit drug use/experience. Why don't you say, "its like rape to my fingers???
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Quite the opposite--you're the most fun I've had all day.
Also an enjoyable comment. Thanks, brother.
My Kershaw Carbon Fiber/CPM154 Leek.

But more importantly, where the heck did you come up with "glides like a buttered swan"!? That's good stuff right there!
An excellent folder.

And thank you. Now that you remind me of that expression I used, I can see why the guy above thought I was a substance abuser. Sad to say, I was completely sober.
Nothing sad about it - the "buttered swan" works/doesn't work on so many levels simultaneously that I truly laughed out loud when I read it. That's a creative mind at work! And I'll vouch for you on the drug use defense - there's no way you come up with a buttered swan while you're on coke. You need a whole different class of drug for that if your inspiration is pharmaceutical :)
My new Crusader Forge Vis T is super fun to play with. Overbuilt, yes. And that's how I like it. I owned an Apex for quite a while but had to sell it. Action Concepts has new hard to get knives with no Mark up.
Hands-down, no doubt about it, this thing:
It's a Boker Kalashnikov 101 with a 4" blade that weighs in at 7.3 ounces. When you snap your wrist and flip that flipper, this thing kicks like a mule, and the sound it makes as the blade locks up reminds me of racking a Remington 870 Express--women faint and men grow weak! The handle is generous, with lots of room for larger hands. Blade extended, the knife is all most 10" from the drop-point tip to the glass-breaker butt. Truthfully, it's just too damn heavy for EDC, but it is a lot of fun to play with.
This is a wierd one...I know, but my Coldsteel American Lawman. I polished all of the inner workings, put in better washers, and added a deep carry clip. It flick opens smoothly and falls shut when the back lock is depressed. I can’t put it down.
Put that down--this instant!
Lol. I know, right!
PM2 and PM3 are really fun for me. But I'm biased because I carried a delica for 20+ years until I lost it while running (it had the original plastic clip and must've just worked it's way out of my waistline). I wonder if it is now someone else's edc?
Sorry for the super belated reply, but you've just reminded me why guard my knives so jealously.

Unlike you, if I lost a knife my first thought would be, is it going to become a murder weapon with my fingerprints still on it?
I just picked up a Spyderco Silverax and it is incredibly fun to play with. Unbelievably smooth deployment, and incredibly satisfying.

There is a minor caveat though. When using the flipper I kept catching my nail on the locking mechanism, and I ended up just grinding the sharp angle off.