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Most fun knife to handle/play with?

I'm kicking this off by nominating my new Spyderco PM2. The pivot glides like a buttered swan, and the compression lock and oversized Spydey hole give me 4 different ways to open it. This is cocaine for my fingers.
What's yours?
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My Benchmade Precipice
Been playing with Lone Wolf's Lobo and Diablo designed by Butch Valloton for over ten years. The hidden scale release is an ingenious design, quick and efficient for EDC. They have replaced my heirloom balisongs which are now collecting dust as collector items in my closet.
When I sit on the couch watching TV and pull this one in and out of the sleeve? My wife just stares at me and goes, who the hell decided to make that knife anyway? LOL. This thing just makes me smile from ear-to-ear, it's an engineering Marvel. Fact is, I like this Microtech so much that I bought a Chinese knockoff to keep in my truck as a billy club / defense mechanism, without even having to pull it out of the sleeve you take one look at that thing and it makes you want to run in the other direction hahaha. But, my EDC is a Lightning OTF. I buy these by the Dozen and just keep sharpening them until they won't take an edge anymore. Even when I'm sick in bed I keep a Lightning on my nightstand. Best $40 knife ever! 


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Love those scales 👍🏻
They have some nice looking knives on this site👍🏻
The mini Infidel is nice and snappy!
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Sorry, not fleeced by their damage control statements. Assisting in the destruction of firearms that were earmarked for such is forgivable. Stupid, but forgivable (you do understand that inanimate objects don't commit crimes, and their resale/auction is a viable way to raise money for law enforcement or other legitimate causes). If you care to look at both sides of the issue, you'd see that most folks were bothered by the donations to anti-2A legislators. Their explanation that their political donations were based on being in a left-leaning state really come off as insincere since they've been donating 100% (that's a little more than "leaning") to one party, including individuals from out-of-state with horrible records on 2A issues. Benchmade got busted. They were given the chance to explain, but made some BS excuses, and alienated a huge chunk of their customer base. I'm pretty sure the "Russians" you're so worried about had little to do with it. I've got Benchmade knives that I will continue to use and enjoy, and I'm certainly not going to sell, give away, or destroy them over the issue. But, like many people, my future knife purchase decisions will be influenced by how they've conducted their business. Danrjones77 - I am sorry for ranting on your portion of this thread. Cool knives (and rock collection)!
"Stupid, but forgivable" why is helping the police destroy murder weapons stupid? 0.0 Benchmade didn't get busted. They got targeted by right wing extremist triggered snowflakes (who were triggered by a Russian troll factory in a social media push), there is a difference. They did explain that they were helping cops destroy murder weapons which is not a BS excuse AT ALL. They also even explained that they support the NRA which is morally questionable at this point but they still do in order to cater to their Russian influenced sheep on the right.
That weight in that thich damask blade and the bearings in the pivot make it glide like a dream come true :) it glides well brothers. It glides like skates on snow :)
Spyderco Sliverax is pretty fun.
Real Steel G5 metamorph
I Really enjoy the mechanism and satisfaction I get from opening the Paragon Phoenix from Asheville Steel.
I really like the snap and solid feel of the zero tolerance 0350.
940-2 (or pretty much any axis lock).
I like frame locks first, but it's nice to have a variety. I love my PM 2
While it's not the greatest of knives, I really like the opening of the Kershaw leek.
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I have a carbon fiber leek that I love, and a stainless leek that was the only carry I had for 8 years.
I have a CF leek I'm really quite fond of.
My fidget crack would have to be the Massdrop x Dew Hara Kabuto. This knife locks open and closed to the push button lock only needs a push and just an ever-so-slight flick of the wrist and its opened or closed. I had to put it down so I don’t wear out the spring on the lock.

Spyderco Delica Super Gold...Oh wait. Massdrop has my money aproacing a year and I don’t have my knife.

My new fidget love is mt ZT 0450cf. Perfect size and perfect detent for buttery smooth flipping and it's a 9.5 on the Dropshutty scale. Slim in the pocket too

I play with this knife all day. It's small and easy to carry. Very fun action.
I also love the action on my slightly different 452CF (just has a satin blade finish instead of DLC). That 4” blade opens so smoothly, and the detent is very safe, providing just the right amount of resistance. Good choice 👍🏻
Houge Automatic AO1 Microswitch or James Folsom. The James linear lock "click" is so satisfying. And it's textile feel is like comfort food.
It feels like cloth?
The PM2 is one of the absolute best fidget knives out there, for sure. My favorite is my Gareth Bull Shamwari. It's the front-flipper that all other front-flippers aspire to be, and it flies open with a light index pull in a way no other front-flipper does. Truly a gem of the knife world.
Kizer "Dukes" smoothest manual flipper I own. Out fast and snappy with perfect size flipper tang. Light weight at 2.6 oz., 4" G10 handle for good grip and 3" VG-10 blade. Liner lock for quick and easy close. Fun, Fun, Fun!

I've scanned all these responses and didn't see any switchblade action- I have a copper-topped Ultratech that I got from BladeHQ in Dec of '18 and it's crazy fun and dangerous (double edge blade, one side is fully serrated) and unexpectedly heavy because of the copper. Nothing satisfies me like an OTF!
Switchblades are probably rare here due to knife law issues, but they are very fun to play with at home. Stay safe, stay legal!
SOG Terminus XR and Benchmade 940.
I haven't had a lot of different knives and, until recently, didn't really know about the differences in blade steels. I currently have a Guardian 3 that I love, but my EDC is a CRKT M4-02 with wood scales. It is an assisted opening knife, and I just love the snap it makes when I flick it open.
Benchmade 940 I just love the axis lock
My favorite has got to be my benchmade 51 morpho. I love flipping it.
After careful consideration, I nominate my Ferrum Forge Gent. I have 3 EDC knives in my current rotation:
  • The Gent: Nice comfortable grip that fills my hand. The new pocket clip isn't a hot spot. It has a smooth flipping action that is fun to play with (occasionally) and it opens easily by hand.
  • The Crux: Bigger knife, also with a very smooth action. However, the frame lock requires me (a lefty) to hold it with my thumb very low on the frame below the locking bar. Any thumb pressure on the locking bar immobilizes the blade and kills the flipper.
  • A ZDP-189 Spyderco Caly 3. This is thinner and taller than the Gent. I like the forward, aggressive hand position for kitchen work but it isn't as comfortable. The choil is a hot spot on my pointer finger.
I can't say that I play with any of my folders. If I could nominate a knife that I don't own, it would be an original Pacific Cutlery Balisong. That would be serious entertainment.
I second the Ferrum Forge Gent. It's just an extremely well done liner lock flipper, and the way it glides open and snicks into its locked position is always satisfying.
If you like the action on the gent, then I highly recommend the Kizer Envoy. I love the action on the Gent, so hopefully it means something when I say that I think the Envoy has an even better detente and flipper tab.
Spyderco wrote the book on knife fun. I love compression and axis locks.

Triple Aught Design Dauntless Mk4
PM2’s are fun but probably my favorite is my Benchmade Bugout. I love opening and closing that one.
My old school ZT 0801BW. It has such an affirmative THUNK when I open it.... all day long, LOL.
Brous Blades Bionic XL . I have yet to fondle a knife that flips quite as well or smoothly.