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Most fun knife to handle/play with?

I'm kicking this off by nominating my new Spyderco PM2. The pivot glides like a buttered swan, and the compression lock and oversized Spydey hole give me 4 different ways to open it. This is cocaine for my fingers.
What's yours?
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It's a long list. The CS Chaos Tanto came to mind first. Like others, I like the Benchmade axis lock, I have a Barrage. Maybe the smoothest flipper that I have is the Steel Will Apostate 1113. The 4" blade simply and very smoothly slides open and locks up securely with the frame. There is no assist. I just got a ballisong. The tape is on it, not my fingers. In reality, I suspect that my favorite is the one that's going to come in the mail next week. I AM looking forward to getting the FF something or other with the circuit board pattern in green and gold.
Benchmade Grizzly Ridge, all my Benchmade 940's, Chris Reeve Inkosi,, Boker Exskelibur and Spyderco PM2 in that order. These are my favorite fidget toys. I'll sit down and take each of my dozens of folders out of my valet chest and open and close them a few times and admire the constuction and actions then return them to theirs beds. My favorites get prolonged fondling and examination. I rotate each knife weekly to give them some love, attention and use. I get sustained pleasure from my collection.
Love Spyderco!! Love em
I love playing with my Benchmade, and the PM-2 is pretty fun, but I also have a budget knife which I absolutely love (and not just to play with). It's the Ruike P801, which is available for under $30 with Prime shipping on Amazon. I love everything about this knife, including playing with it. It has super smooth bearings, and a really good flipper and frame lock. It's simple, yet elegant, and for the money it's the best knife I've ever bought.
I second that, I love my Ruike knives!
Big fan of my P801 as well, no one can believe the price after handling it. Took it apart and put a little CLP on the bearings and it falls shut consistently, and the centering is still quite nice. 14c28n holds a good edge, and is pretty easy on my sharp maker. But my PM2 is a personal favorite for the spidie flick!
The Buc is one of them, it's stupid smooth and the drop shut is killer.
Agreed! Smoothest knife I own. Even beats my We Knife 705.
I love messing around with my Benchmade 940-1. The axis lock makes flicking it open and close simple. I do also fidget with any number of my Ti-framelocks, My Native 5 can also be fun to mess with.
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Side note, I picked up a PM2 and I really really like how it handles. The compression lock is amazing.
Congratulations! Having tried quite a few types of lock, I think the compression lock is my clear favourite, both in terms of handling and safety.
I absolutely love my #Para3! I was all about #Benchmade "which I do still love my benchmade #INFIDEL & #MiniGrip!" But I always steered away from #Spyderco due to the "Spidey Hole" I did NOT thing I was going to like it or be able to work well enough with it as opposed to a flipper or a thumbstud... but let me tell ya, after having my #Spyderco #Para3 for 2 weeks now, I absolutely LOVE everything about it! It only took a little bit of handling it and practice to get very used to the "Spidey Hole" enough so that I can open it with just a flick from my pointer finger or thumb on not only my strong hand but with my thumb & pointer finger even on my weak hand as well!!! That's huge for me! I still have to say if I have to choose an absolute "FAVORITE" to perse "play with" or get satisfaction out of opening & closing... that would still have to go to my #Benchmade #INFIDEL 'MILITARY/POLICE/ELITE EDITION'!!! I mean come on now how could any knife be more fun than one of those right?!? But my #Para3 is definitely 2'nd in line and I must admit that this awesome knife turned me from a #BenchmadeWhore into a #Spydercowhore😂😂😂 Absolutely Love it & will be purchasing more #Spyderco #Para3's, #Para2's, or the absolutely GORGEOUS #Spyderco #Yojimbo2 I believe will probably be my next purchase! That #Yojimbo2 is just an absolute beautiful & genius SEXXXY work of art & fine #AMERICAN craftsmanship!!!
Giving you two thumbs up for enthusiasm but taking one away for egregious abuse of hashtags.

Do get the Para 2, it's lovely.
My PM2 really needed some adjusting.
A few finger grooves and some chamfering made all the difference.
finger groves looks very nice. What did you do to the hole?
Took some kydex, warmed and formed it. Works great! Mostly for gloves.

I've had a mind to 3d print them for a kickstarter.
Benchmade Ritter Griptillian
I can flip it out with a flick of the wrist, the axis lock keeps it rock solid, and it only takes a few licks on a strop to keep it shaving sharp.
My new Bill Koenig Mini Goblin Prototype. It flies open and will close without any effort like a self closing drawer.
Cold Steel Espada XL. Everytime I flip it open, it fills me with a mix of pure joy and sheer terror!
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One of the great scenes in cinema history. A phrase so instilled in our memories that most can finish the line after "He's got a knife!"
Thanx for the post. This is always a fun scene to watch.