Oct 7, 2017

Most fun knife to handle/play with?

I'm kicking this off by nominating my new Spyderco PM2. The pivot glides like a buttered swan, and the compression lock and oversized Spydey hole give me 4 different ways to open it. This is cocaine for my fingers.
What's yours?

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Busker, Fiest
My heavily modified Spyderco Yojimbo 2
My PM2 wasn’t all that fun, till I ground some finger grooves, and forged a kydex cobra hood. That steel is absolutely great though.
I'm biased and they aren't out in the wild yet, but the Tashi Bharucha Prism opens with a finger flick from the back and I can't. put. it. down.
The Spyderco Smock Flipper is definitely one to look out for! With the selection of Spydie Hole, in-line seamless flipper fab and BUTTON compression lock this knife will be an awesome fidgeting knife. The knife will fly out on ball bearings and itll sure be a pleasure to use and an awesome sight for the collection!
I find myself fidgeting with my Bestech Tercel a lot.
Any Benchmade with an AXIS lock, CRKT Fulcrum, any Jacob's Ladder knife (Fred Perrin Tri-Folder), but the king of fidgety knives is always gonna be the balisong.
Can't top a good old Benchmade balisong
Most fidgitable flipper in my collection: Boker Urban Trapper series. Most fidgitable axis lock ( dare I say EVER!!!): Benchmade Anthem. Spendy, but I've never handled an action so smooth and addictive.
I'm not sure that many knives can induce a smile better that the Microtech Ultratech Bounty Hunter (posing here with his namesake)!

Man, don't get me started about flipping/flicking. OCD kinda sucks. 😬😁
I believe what you're describing is ADD, not OCD. Quite different disorders lol
Mine is also a Spyderco! I got into a bidding war over on eBay over this rare little Jester simply because it reminded me of the Izod/Lacoste alligator (feel free to judge me). Came with the little micro-paracord tail on it, can’t stop playing with it!

I love fidgetting with my PM2, Para3, Manix2 (ball bearing lock) and my Benchmade AXIS lock knives but an often overlooked folder is the Buck 'Marksman'. It is an American made ambidextrous one-handed open/close flipper (YouTube for proper one-handed closing technique). Its out-of-the-box thinking type of locking mechanism - (SLS: Strong Lock System)... may have a cheesy acronym but has a solid lockup; it's so smooth and solid feeling and easily adjustable if you need to tweak the lock a taste when it loosens up over time. Until I get an OTF Microtech - the Marksman is the most fun folder in my growing collection. Hoping we get a Microtech mass drop soon :-)
Only Benchmade Axis lock knives are that fun to fidget with. You can't beat the quick, one-handed opening AND closing action on the Axis lock.

I have a full size Doug Ritter =Griptillian, and I had a sweet Doug Ritter Mini Griptilian (That I lost) both with custom scales. They are the best knives I've ever owned.
My current fidget knife is my ferrum forge falcon. And on occasion, a boker exskelibur. Two very different flipping methods, two very fun knives.
I have the same one. Love it more than any other knife ever. Hands down favorite
Surprised no one has said balisongs. By far the best "fidget" toy possible. Been flipping for 12 something years and still addictive as ever. Also waiting for a limited type bali custom/midtech release on massdrop.
Friend has a Smock Knives SK23. Push-button actuated compression lock with a properly done flipper that has no pocket pecker. Got to fiddle with it once, nothing else feels the same, not even a Grimsmo or a Sebenza. Now if only more makers used that combination and made it affordable (I know, Spydie patented the compression lock...). I might need to pick up a Spydie Sliverax to see how it compares, but they're much rarer up here in Canada.
The spyderco smock collaboration is coming out this year. I personally can't wait for it. The knife I'm looking forward to the most.