Oct 8, 2017

Automatic Chronograph - Philosophical Oxymoron!

Eye Candy /ī ˈkandē/ (noun) : The large sweeping second hand of an automatic watch for an Enthusiast.
That’s exactly the joy I get when I look at the smooth movement of the second hand of an automatic watch. And this is the paradox of an Automatic Chronograph: a large second hand that (in normal operation) doesn NOT move. It just stays there and deprives you from the beauty of that sweeping motion. That’s why I’ve never been able to enjoy that gorgeous P. N. Daytona!


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That one is getting closer to being mine. I agree that Daytona at the top is gorgeous, but this ain't no slouch.

https://massdrop-s3.imgix.net/img_comment/Vkq05qW6S1G7QDvqu24m_gold steel seamaster chrono-1.jpg
Just start the chronograph.
Another timeless icon

i buy automatic because i like the sound they make up to my ear and their weight/heft. "Sweeping" seconds ...meh, for some may be the reason to get one, not me. I like the Bulova Prcecisionist line a lot, not automatic and crazy smooth seconds sweep
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I know right?! A 35 to 39mm would be most welcome:)
I envy you for being able to enjoy that dial sizes! The watches look fine and beautiful when I look at them off of my wrist, but as soon as I put them on my wrist they just look too tiny.

These days, I just can't get to be able to enjoy dials less than 40mm, add the bezel and that turns into a 42-46mm diameter watch.
I have often run my chronograph not to measure any time, but just to see the sweep of the second hand. You are right that one of most enjoyable aspects of an automatic watch is the second hand sweep, which is not nearly as satisfying when relegated to small seconds.

Probably one reason why I would never buy a Hamilton Intramatic (no second hand at all), and generally ignore any watch with a small seconds dial, other than a chronograph.

However, no second hand is actually preferable on a quartz watch, such as my RW Parsifal.
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Agree 100%. We are thinking very similarly my friend. Perhaps in a previous live we were brothers :-) JK
But I also buy only digital watches that do not have a second hand, e.g. the DW.
That’s a beautiful watch. I think as long as the small second is the only “second” hand it’s still beautiful. But once you have a long second hand that is staying frozen then that kills it for me.
Speaking of small second hand (being the only second hand) I think my no. 1 would be Nomos.

Prepare for fireworks on Oct. 26 with the PN Daytona......
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